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DVB Technologies Pvt. Ltd. An ISO 9001-2008 company Presentation for GE Energy Power Conversion

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The Product Range covers White Metal Bearings to DIN standard from 70 mm dia-900 mm dia White Metal Bearing for Gas, Water and Thermal Turbines, Motors and Generators. Radial with/without Thrust pads. Radial bearings up to 2500 mm dia and Thrust pad up to 25 tons Traction motor Axle Bearing Oil Film bearing & Assemblies for Steel Mills up to 1600 mm dia. Our Capabilities A comprehensive range of DIN Bearings in End shield, Centre Flange, and pedestal mounted designs from size 70 mm to 500 mm dia bore have been developed. Use of advanced Software for hydro-dynamic and thermic performance. Robust supplier base established over 20 years Committed to constant design capability update by investment in training and resources Technologies Pvt. Ltd. -- Profile DVB TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED was founded in the year 1980 with two manufacturing plants in and around Kolkata, India. The company has the most modern equipment, high level of technology and supplies to major OEMs for Electrical rotating machines and Steel Mills, Hydro-Turbines in the domestic and international markets.  DIN standards based bearings being supplied over 15 years with 100+ assemblies delivered every month.

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Performance analysis + technical offer with features Customers enquiry To customers through marketing Inquiries Rcpt. of P.O. Contract review by design Design & review Using 2D/3D Tools Issue of documents to PPC Inquiries Design Process Flow

Design Capability: DIN Bearing:

Din bearings are based on Din 31690, 31693, 31694. The design tools employed are 2D/3D CAD, version 2012. Performance calculations are based on DIN 31652, 31653. Various softwares are employed depending on application and design variation. DVB has designed the following range of DIN bearings: Designs with RD pads (A) or fixed thrust surface (K). Thrust cum radial bearings for mini hydro applications in above frames. DIN bearings from Frame 9 – 56 for electrical rotating machines. Vertical tilting pad with radial tilting pad bearings up to 80 tons vertical load and 310 shaft dia. for vertical motors/pumps. Design Capability: DIN Bearing

Manufacturing Process Flow:

Incoming material Dehydrogenation (in-house) Housing Forging for bushes Shot blasting Primer coating Pre machining (in-house/out-sourced) Proof machining (out-sourced) Final machining (in-house ) Babbitting (in-house) Pre machining before babbitting UT / DP tests ( in-house ) Final Machining Assembly Seals Castings (out-sourced) Final m/c (in-house) BOM Finished Housing Finished Bush Manufacturing Process Flow

Babbiting Process:

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Assembly Process:

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