Store Administration, HR Policies, Store Employees and Services

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This chapter outlines the concepts of retail store administration functions, role of HR, policies, store employees and services


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Store Administration:

Store Administration Universal process of organizing people and resources efficiently so as to direct activities towards common goal and objectives.

Duties of Administrator:

Duties of Administrator Obtain and maintain all statuary licenses Store has required electricity sanctioned load AMC management and maintenance of all equipments Vehicle management Gen-set diesel management Scrap management Trolley management Employee shift/ duty roster and break schedule management,

Duties of Administrator…:

Duties of Administrator… Daily electricity meter reading House Keeping and security staff arrangements Housekeeping of the store including the parking area List of fixed assets to be maintained Signage and fixture/furniture maintenance Security guards management Non-trading consumption goods management: Security tags, hangers

Store HR Policies:

Store HR Policies

Key Functions of Store HR:

Key Functions of Store HR Recruitment and selection Training and development Motivation and Conflict resolution Aiding Salary disbursements Issuing Identity cards/Attendance cards Performance evaluation

Key Functions of Store HR…:

Key Functions of Store HR… Retailer-Employee relation management Staff uniform arrangements Employee file updation Transfers, promotions and career development of the store staff Exit interviews

Store Employees and Services:

Store Employees and Services


Introduction Shift Timings Employee Entry and Attendance Recording System Employee Scheduling, Lunch and Tea Breaks Entry Process for outsiders Store Employee Grooming standards Policy note on Disciplinary Actions Morning Sales Briefing Flow-Chart

Shift Timings:

Objective-manpower management-no shortages Floor heads prepare it, approved by the store head Scheduling rules…separate for junior and senior staff No weekly offs on weekends Department manager and floor manager to work in separate shifts Store heads to do maximum shift B Print out displayed on notice board of staff room Shift Timings

Shift Timings…:

Shift Timings…

Employee Entry and Attendance Recording System:

Responsibility of the internal security in-charge/Administration head Daily report is generated to reconcile from the duty rooster Declaration of items carried is done at the security desk Cashiers have to declare the cash they are carrying and deposit with head cashier Employee Entry and Attendance Recording System

Employee Scheduling, Lunch and Tea Breaks:

All the store management level employees cannot go at the same time for breaks Cashiers do a quick cash counting and deposit with the head cashier Physical frisking/declaration is mandatory Employee Scheduling, Lunch and Tea Breaks

Entry Process for Outsiders:

Promoters, Security and House keeping Employees Vendors/Suppliers/Courier Delivery Boy/Auditors Visitors from Regional office/HO Separate entry registers are maintained Entry process remain same as for the employees Responsibility of the Administrative Dept. Entry Process for Outsiders

Store Employee Grooming Standards:

Separate manual is given to each staff for grooming dos and don’ts Store Employee Grooming Standards

Policy Note on Disciplinary Action:

Applicability and Procedure Policy Note on Disciplinary Action

Morning Briefing:

Importance of morning meetings Who will conduct? What topics are covered? Duration of such meetings? Morning Briefing

Product Knowledge of Employees:

Product Knowledge of Employees Importance of product knowledge Importance of knowing trends, dead SKUs, odd sizes, etc

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