Store Readying & Store Signage

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This chapter explains steps involved in readying store for customers and also explains in detail about store signage


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Readying the Store & Store Signage -Rohita Dwivedi:

Readying the Store & Store Signage -Rohita Dwivedi 3/17/2013 1


Procedure Opening checklist is followed House-keeping begins work as per their checklist CCTV cameras and other devices are switched on Head cashier/Asst. begins work as per SOD Asst. Store Head/Store Head updates the notice board Floor heads take the morning briefings CSD gets ready Trial rooms and wash rooms are cleaned Sales members get ready Merchandise replenishment/display is done 3/17/2013 2

Merchandise Display:

Merchandise Display Just before the store opening time, the department manager should check the stacking of the section The shelves should be clean and stacked as per the norm Display should follow the visual merchandising norms The older stock should be kept upfront The new arrivals should be displayed and highlighted Any out of stock product should be informed to the DM Merchandise display circulation every fortnight Packing material to be properly preserved 3/17/2013 3

Expiry Dates and Handling of Such Merchandise:

Expiry Dates and Handling of Such Merchandise Near expiry items to be liquidated as soon as possible with prior approvals Display the near expiry stocks at a central promotional space Keep marking down till one week before the expiry date Once expired, the stock is either disposed or sold at scrap-the list of the same is maintained for inventory evaluation 3/17/2013 4

Sale Area:

Sale Area Dedicated sales associates handle this area as it needs constant attention- display, presentation and replenishment Pile them high and sell them cheap Attractive signage Frequent announcements to be made 3/17/2013 5

Managing Promotions:

Managing Promotions Promotions are communicated in advance EDP will update the promotional register Stocks are either received or retrieved POP management Information and delegation in daily briefing DM/FM checks all displays/POPs SH ensures adequate stock, awareness among the sales team Once the promotion is over, the stock and POPs are removed, communicate details to the RO/HO 3/17/2013 6

Visual Merchandising:

Visual Merchandising An art of presentation which puts the merchandise in focus Its objective is to create desire and finally augment the selling process If any scheme is there, VM should support it 3/17/2013 7

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3/17/2013 8

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3/17/2013 9

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3/17/2013 10

Impact of Visual Merchandising:

Impact of Visual Merchandising Store windows Sections Store layout design Mannequin displays Cross promotional displays Developing floor plans Point of purchase displays 3/17/2013 11


Signage’s Signage’s are Best way to communicate with the customers Educating, informing & instructing the customers For retail chains, standardizing signage will make customer feel at home in any store 3/17/2013 12

Who is responsible for maintaining signages?:

Who is responsible for maintaining signages? 13 DMs / ADMs VM – In-charge of the store 3/17/2013

Different types of signages :

Different types of signages 14 3/17/2013

Different types of signages:

Different types of signages 15 Departmental Directional Informational Instructional Corporate Branding Supplier Signage (Space on Hire) Point of Sale Promotional 3/17/2013

Types of Signages & Their Usage:

Types of Signages & Their Usage 16 Departmental Directional Informational Instructional Corporate Branding During Initial Store Development While Opening a New Store These are standard signages across all stores 3/17/2013

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3/17/2013 17 Directional Signage’s Used to guide customers to the store facilities such as drinking water, restrooms etc. Informational Signage’s Used to provide information to the customers to help them buy merchandise from our stores E.g. shoe sizes, sizes for kids clothes

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3/17/2013 18 Departmental Signages Used for identification of different departments in the store Should be clearly visible for every department Instructional Signages Carries instruction regarding store policies such as No smoking Pets not allowed Returns & exchange policies

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Corporate Branding Signages Used for sharing corporate values with customers E.g. Signages like :Saste Dam Ka Vaada” etc. 19 3/17/2013

Types of Signages & Their Usage:

Types of Signages & Their Usage 20 Based On Promotional Themes Currently On At Store Art Work Being sent to the Store VM OR VM material would be supplied By HO Promotional 3/17/2013

PowerPoint Presentation:

Promotional Signages Used during special promotions initiated by HO or store Communicates theme of the promotions 21 3/17/2013

Types of Signages & Their Usage:

Types of Signages & Their Usage 22 Sent by Suppliers as Support to their Product In Store Arrangement for the location and time of display would be decided by HO or by Store VM In charge would be communicated in advance Supplier Signage (Space on Hire) 3/17/2013

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3/17/2013 23 Supplier Signages Are used by suppliers to help improve the sale of their product Display space is negotiated by the HO or store For Gandola the dimensions are Width: 3’ Depth: 1’ Height: 5’ If the concept docket is sent from corporate VM then the store VM should adhere to guidelines

Types of Signages & Their Usage:

Types of Signages & Their Usage 24 To invoke buying instinct in customer (e.g. special promotions, current offers, etc.) Stores have different fixtures for promotional merchandise Point of Sale 3/17/2013

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Point of Sale Signage’s are used for Highlighting Price Special Feature Promotional Merchandise Informing customers on measurements or specifications 25 3/17/2013

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Promotional Signages 26 3/17/2013

Standardisation of POS Signage:

Standardisation of POS Signage Type of POS signages to be used on various display units in the store has been standardised only these signages to be used 27 3/17/2013

Standardisation of POS Signage:

Standardisation of POS Signage Standard signage formats are available at all stores Only these formats should be used The formats are available in various sizes A5 A4 A3 28 3/17/2013

POS Signage – Small Shelf Talkers:

POS Signage – Small Shelf Talkers To be used for Usual promotion offers in the respective sections To be placed on the shelves Dimensions of the strip 6” x 2.498” 29 3/17/2013

Price Talkers:

Price Talkers These are vinyl prints for staples Price information should be written using white board marker Can be re-used Erase the earlier price completely Re-write the new price No stickers or papers should be pasted on price talker 30 3/17/2013

Special Promotional Signages:

Special Promotional Signages Signage format would be provided to the store during special central themes initiated from HO 31 3/17/2013

Product Talkers for electronics:

Product Talkers for electronics 32 A5 Portrait A5 Landscape (Private Label) Small (3.5” x 2.5”) Shelf Talkers A5 Landscape 3/17/2013

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