Anti Child Begging Campaign

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This campaign is to educate or reform people like us who give money to child beggars. If we want better INDIA then we have to say "No to Child Begging". We request to all of the viewers please don't give anything to Child beggars. If you really want to help them go to the trusted NGOs who are working for the child rehabilitation.


By: kijaniki (99 month(s) ago)

hi Im badly in need of this presentation because im working on this issue in Bangladesh. Plz send me this to

By: Bhaskar.icps (100 month(s) ago)

hi Iam working on child issues ...i need this presentation kindly send this to my mail

By: srikrishnakaveeya (106 month(s) ago)

i need this presentation to it in the class.. so the youths will get the feeling to be a good citizen... kindly send this to my mail

By: srikrishnakaveeya (106 month(s) ago)

this presentation creates the mentality to help in useful way and create the urge to be a better citizen

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“I am a responsible citizen !!” ? I always help poor street children I give them money, and buy them food I bring smiles to their faces … after all ARE YOU REALLY

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… what you believe is not always true The money that you gave to buy … food … clothes … shelter Is actually used to pay to antisocial gangs … gamble consume alcohol & drugs WAIT !!

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Here’s what you could do… Don't give money or anything in kind to child beggars Do you really want to help? You may choose to submit the donations to trusted NGOs and government organizations Ensure that your donations are used for right causes Don’t let the future of your country beg … Help them lead a better life !

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STOP KILLING WITH KINDNESS Join us in Anti-Child Begging Campaign Date: 15th and 16th Nov. 2008 Places: - M. G. Road, Camp area - E – square, Shivaji nagar - Inox - Sambhaji Udyan, JM Road - Saras Udyan YOUR COINS PROMOTE CHILD EXPLOITATION

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