Types of Hair Extensions

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With the help of these hair extensions, everyone will be able to add the desired length to their hair that they wish at any time and thus can carry long hair for many days.


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Types of Hair Extensions:

Types of Hair Extensions By Ludis Charming Instinct Firstly hair extensions are fake hair that can be attached to your hair to add length and volume to it. Here we will talk about the different ways to put extensions in your hair and the many different types of hair you can use.

Clip In Extensions:

Clip In Extensions Clip in extensions saves time and money and can be changed every day according to your requirements. Many salons and hair stylist specialize in this kind of hair styles. Pros Cons These extensions can add fashion colors to your hair. These can be easily used and washed. Clip in extensions are hard to style and you do not get the best quality hair in this type. $19- $300

Braid In Extensions:

Braid In Extensions Braid in extensions provides an altogether different look and adds a fullness and length to your hair. Single braids of your hair are done and the extensions are then attached to these braids. Pros Braid in extensions are great for making hair longer and fuller. This can be done very quickly and the point of insertion of these extensions is well hidden so that it blends with natural hair properly. Cons The tight braids done in this method can give you headache if you are not used to this. Also if not done properly it can lead to hair breakage. $45-$75

Fusion Extensions:

Fusion Extensions Fusion extensions can be attached for a longer period of time say for a few months and can be washed, styled and cut just like your normal hair. This method includes the attachment of a single strand one by one. This method includes the best quality hair. This single strand placement method allows these extensions to blend well with normal hair. And even if the process is lengthy, the fusion part is done quickly. These need to be done by a professional otherwise the glue results in breakage. These strands once bonded can not be used again and the removal process is very long. Pros Cons $300

Micro Link Extensions:

Micro Link Extensions Micro Link extensions can also be attached for a few months or more. These extensions can also be washed, styled and dried. Various hair styles can also be achieved using this method. Pros You get the best quality hair and is easy to attach but takes a long time. You can add length and volume to your hair using this and the strands attached once can be reused. Cons This method is a very expensive choice to put in extensions. Also the strands begin to slip once your natural hair begins to grow. $300 or more

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