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This powerpoint is aimed at older people in order to sale experiences with Red Letter Days. Accidental deaths or injuries we do not take responsibility for


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Welcome to Red Letter Days : 

Welcome to Red Letter Days Choosing the experience that’s right for you.

Who are we? : 

Who are we? Red Letter Days offers you unforgettable experiences. We have a wide variety of experiences to choose from, each with many positive outcomes. Choose from our range and you will immediately have confirmation on your selection.

The right experience : 

The right experience Trip to Belgium Scuba Diving Mountain Climbing Trip to Venice Natural History Museum, NY Sky Diving Catamaran Trip

Trip to Belgium : 

Trip to Belgium There's something about Belgium. It’s stunning architecture decorating the detailed cobblestone squares. Seven days of heaven are available. You will stay at The Kempinski Hotel Dukes Palace. With an all inclusive buffet breakfast available, each day.

Scuba Diving : 

Scuba Diving Have a fantastic holiday in Australia. With the perfect opportunity to discover the bottom of the Great Barrier Reef! Spend13 hours of jam packed ocean fun. This offer allows you and a friend to dive deep into the unknown. We will supply a hotel for your stay and with an all inclusive package, your scuba diving will be supplied too. This includes the wetsuit hire and oxygen tanks.

Trip to Venice : 

Trip to Venice This romantic get away offers you beautiful food, in restaurants, where each meal seems better than the last. This great escape is perfect for you and a loved one, or even just a family holiday. At a reasonable price, you cannot afford to miss out on this deal. You would stay in a spectacular hotel, in such a stunning place, with many friendly villagers who live locally.

Natural history museum, NY. : 

Natural history museum, NY. Here is your chance to visit the American Museum of Natural History. This visit is not only interesting and educational but it is fun and rewarding. You will come away with a great amount of information on Natural History.

Skydiving : 

Skydiving We will send you sky diving. You will be able to take a friend and everything will be organised for you, we will arrange transport and jumping suits for the both of you. After this experience we will provide you with a certificate and meal.

Catamaran trip : 

Catamaran trip You will be whisked off your feet onto a long relaxing catamaran trip. Able to take a friend; you will share this experience with a loved one. With beautiful food off your choice, a chef will be on board.

Mountain climbing : 

Mountain climbing

Payment successful! : 

Payment successful! Your payment has been successful!

Thankyou : 

Thankyou Please visit our website at www.redletterdays.co.uk

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