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Roger Huguet was born in Barcelona, Spain, where he grew up and spent all his school years. As a young boy, he liked skiing with family, and would go on skiing trips during the winter weekends. His love for the sport enabled to become a ski instructor at a young age. The work enabled Huguet to earn enough money to pay for school expenses.


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Roger Huguet Media World CEO:

As part of his long and illustrious career, Roger Huguet was once the CEO of Media World, which partnered with Mediapro to become the Americas branch of the Spanish company. Mediapro is a multimedia communications company based in Barcelona and has for more than two decades been involved in media, movie and television production. The company has offices in Europe and the United States. Roger Huguet Media World CEO


Roger Huguet Business Director Between 1995 and 1998, Roger Huguet worked for International Management Group (IMG) in New York, where he held the position of South American Business Director. He was responsible for all the lines of business in the region with a core focus on television rights and soccer sponsorship sales. In three years, Huguet has helped the company attain revenues of more than 20 million.


Roger Huguet Personal Growth Throughout his long career in the media industry, Roger Huguet has always strived to keep growing on a personal and professional level. He enrolled in an executive leadership program in 2013 to gain new knowledge in business strategy and executive management. Mr. Huguet’s goals are to a live a purposeful life dedicated to business, academic, intellectual and social advancement.


Roger Huguet Personal Interests Early in his life, Roger Huguet was inclined to become a professional skier, but he decided to take on another line of work. Skiing remains one of his favorite personal hobbies, in addition to sailing and mountain climbing. These hobbies have enabled Mr. Huguet to travel the world and visit numerous locations, including Peru, the Caribbean, and Europe.


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