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Roger Gordon (202) 677-5601 | Food Cowboy Rounding up stray produce to feed hungry people Prepared for the EPA Food Recovery Challenge Team Internal Training Webinar April 4, 2012 Watch our video!

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Lost food Lost efficiency Lost tax benefits 2 Food Waste has a Cost

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3 Ports Packers Processors Retailers Institutions Transporters Warehouses Growers Processors Ranchers Farmers Food Charities Institutions Composters Feed people, then the Earth Our Solution: Use location-based technology to help food companies donate or dispose of fresh produce in the best ways possible and to easily apply for tax benefits.

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Value to Retailers Increased Capacity Greater Reliability Superior Flexibility Less Waste Smarter Routing Higher Efficiency Better Scalability Better Planning 4

Food companies would donate more food more often but donating perishables is costly and complicated …:

Supply chain efficiency can be significantly impacted Shippers have tight deadlines to meet Food banks can be hard to find Food banks aren’t open at the right times Food companies perceive donating as risky The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act doesn’t prevent donors from being sued Even frivolous claims can harm their brands Could applying for §170 tax benefits trigger an audit? Applying for the tax benefits is a hassle Chasing nonprofits for the paperwork is time-consuming Many food charities are not nonprofit organizations 5 Food companies would donate more food more often but donating perishables is costly and complicated …

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… so the EPA’s pyramid gets flipped 6 * Pyramid developed by U.S. EPA Food Recovery Initiative Hungry People When a delivery is rejected, the seller has several options: Offer a discount Find another buyer Send to a repacking house Give to a farmer Discard Donate FACTORS Reason rejected, shelf life, alternative uses Time req. to find new buyer, food bank, etc. Time/distance to packer, donee, etc. Forward destination(s) and deadline(s) Landfill and composting fees

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7 The seller or driver logs on to and enters the: Product type and quantity Truck’s current location Truck’s next destination 2. Food Cowboy queries its database to find the best delivery or disposal options and sends the driver’s contact information to them. Location & Ease of Access Operating Hours Cooler Capacity Unloading equipment Composting Services Parking The seller or driver chooses where to deliver the food Food Cowboy confirms delivery and acceptance Food Cowboy Foundation issues an electronic donation receipt to the donor. Food Cowboy|Mobile

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Food Cowboy|Mobile 8 X  ❶ ❷ ❸ ❹ ❺

Value to Shippers:

Value to Shippers 9 Costs Incurred

The Team:

The Team Roger Gordon, President MBA, Northwestern (Kellogg); J.D., Georgetown Former management consultant (supermarket banking) Former board member, San Francisco Planning & Urban Research (SPUR) Former board chair, San Francisco League of Urban Gardeners (SLUG) Richard Gordon, VP, Operations Long-haul truck driver and terminal manager, 25 years Transported fresh produce almost exclusively since 1996 Claresco Ventures, Technology Seed Investor 15-year-old six-person software company based in Berkeley, California Designs and implements solutions for local, national, and international clients Exper’d. in health care, real estate, manufacturing, and hospitality industries 10


Advisors 11 Rick Bella Executive Director, Fresh Hope Produce Former Procurement Dir., Feeding America Sam Burshstein Author and Professor of Entrepreneurship Principal, Metis Ventures Former consultant, Boston Consulting Group Peter Clarke & Susan Evans Professors, University of Southern California Founders, & Co-Directors, From the Wholesaler to the Hungry Barbara Cohen, PhD, MPH Author, U.S. Department of Agriculture's Comm. Food Security Assessment Toolkit General Michael Mulqueen , USMC (Ret.) Former Executive Director, Greater Chicago Food Depository Kai Robertson Sustainability Consultant Business for Social Responsibility Author, Waste Not, Want Not Karen Smilowitz Prof., Northwestern Unive . McCormick School of Engineering, Founder & Dir., Humanitarian & Nonprofit Logistics Initiative Michael Virga Executive Director, U.S. Composting Council

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