Steps to resolve canon printer error code 6a81


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Get troubleshooting techniques for Canon printer error code 6a81 from experts. Get in touch with Errors Support Technicians and resolve any such issue. You can call us at +1-888-633-7151 (For USA) +44-808-164-5280 (For UK)


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You can call us for tech assistance at +1-888-633-7151 For USA +44-808-164-5280 For UK

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Solution 1: Purge Error  Purge unit jamming can be the ultimate cause of the error message. In this case all you have to do is move the carriage from the purge unit without resistance. After that look into the printer and check if the purge unit is working fine.  Secondly if its a paper jamming issue in the purge unit the printer can definitely create several more problems in the printer. Therefore you should replace the purge unit instantly.

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Solution 2: Purge Unit Is Completely Stuck  In case the purge unit gets stuck completely you should gently push and check if the purge unit is moving smoothly. Solution 3: Dust Issue  On the other hand if it’s because of the dust that is creating this trouble on the device apply this method. Clean the rubber rollers by using a clean dry cloth in the automatic sheet feeder. It can be possible that dust has coated over the rollers and that is resulting into this error message.

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If you are still not able to resolve the issue then you can contact us we’ll resolve you issue  Call us at :- +1-888-633-7151 For USA +44-808-164-5280 For UK  Visit us at:-

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