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The CompTIA Security+ certification designates knowledgeable professionals ... with cloud computing, BYOD and SCADA are addressed in the SY0-401 exam.


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Updates on CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security+ exams




Updates on CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security + exams http://


A+ Certification For IT Helpdesk and Remote Support Professionals 4 http://

CompTIA product stack:

CompTIA product stack 5 http://

Employment of U.S. Workers in Core IT Positions:

SOC code  Computer and IT Occupations Employment Average Annual Salary 2010-2020 Employment Change 2010-2020 Outlook 15-1150 Computer Support Specialists (A+ relevant here ) 607,100 $ 46,260 110,000 18% 15-1132 Software Developers, Applications 520,800 $87,790 143,800 28% 15-1121 Computer Systems Analysts 544,400 $77,740 120,400 22% 15-1133 Software Developers, Systems Software 392,300 $ 94,180 127,200 32% 15-1131 Computer Programmers 363,100 $ 71,380 43,700 12% 15-1142 Network and Computer Systems Administrators 347,200 $69,160 96,600 28% 15-1179 Information Security Analysts, Web Developers, and Computer Network Architects 302,300 $ 75,660 65,700 22% 15-1111 Computer and Information Research Scientists 28,200 $ 100,660 5,300 19% 15-1141 Database Administrators 110,800 $ 73,490 33,900 31% Computer Occupations, All -- $73,710 -- 22% 17-2061 Computer Hardware Engineers 70,000 $98,810 6,300 9% 11-3021 Computer and Information Systems Managers 307,900 $ 115,780 55,800 18% Total 3,954,100 Employment of U.S. Workers in Core IT Positions Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics - Occupational Employment Statistics, March 2012

IT Hiring:

IT Hiring 7

Investments by Firm Size:

Investments by Firm Size 8 % expecting to increase investment Staffing Levels On the hiring front, medium size IT firms (100-499 employees) are most likely to add new staff over the next six months. With a range of new technologies sought by customers (e.g. cloud, big data, business process automation, mobility) IT firms must be vigilant in maintaining high levels of expertise through internal training and/or new hires. Source: CompTIA IT Industry Business Confidence Index – Q3 Release, July 2012 Base: 445 U.S. IT industry executives

Case Study:

Case Study 9 Chuck Cooper, program director for certification at IBM believes : To be Proficient in Technology…. you need to build your skills and take training Certifications - are a baseline measurement of skills and a consistent measure that validates the skills you achieve Certifications - build confidence on the part of prospective customers, sellers and business partners Certifications - listed on a proposal denote people with whom you can collaborate http://


CompTIA A+ Certification Vendor Neutral Certification 2 exams 220-801 220-802 ISO Certified ANSI Accredited Kept current via Continuing Ed program Measures Necessary Competencies for today’s Entry Level IT Professionals A+ Knowledge and Skills Installation, configuring and troubleshooting of the following: PC hardware (including laptops and mobile devices , and custom configurations Printers Networking components Operating systems including Windows 7 Enterprise Operational procedures including safety, environment and customer communications Security (22% of exam 802) 10

Career Advancement for IT Professionals:

Career Advancement for IT Professionals Target Audience Individuals working in or planning to work in technical support roles such as: 11 http://

2011 IT Technician Job Role Survey:

2011 IT Technician Job Role Survey PC Technicians (71%) Field Support Technicians (65%) Help Desk Technicians (64%) Customer Service Technicians (48%) Network Support Technicians (41%) 12 Survey respondents chose the following job roles for which A+ is most often required http://

Why A+ :

Why A+ Over 900,000 A+ Certified IT Professionals Companies such as Ricoh, Dell and CompuCom Have Made A+ Certification Mandatory U.S. DoD 8570.1 Mandates A+ Certification for Level I Technical Personnel in Information Assurance Among Top 10 certifications in the industry (DICE TechRepublic , New Horizons) CompTIA A+ Certified by ISO and Accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) 13

Organizations that Require or Mandate A+ Professionals:

Organizations that Require or Mandate A+ Professionals 14 Government Organizations Corporate Organizations


POLLS 15 http://

CompTIA Website: Companies that use A+:

CompTIA Website: Companies that use A+ There is a page on the CompTIA website that lists companies that use CompTIA certifications, with specific certifications that they use. 16


A+ Exam Details 17


CompTIA A+ Objectives 18

Changes from the 700 series A+:

Changes from the 700 series A+ Windows 7 Enterprise has been added to the covered Windows operating systems Mobile Devices (802: 3.0) is a new subject matter domain. It includes Apple iOS and Android. Coverage includes just what a helpdesk technician would be expected to do: Establish network connectivity for the device, configure email, set up security, and troubleshoot. Virtualization (802: 1.9) is new All troubleshooting is in one exam (802: 4.0), more extensive, and organized by specific hardware/software area (e.g. hard drives, display, etc.) Troubleshooting wireless (802: 4.5) is new There is more coverage of troubleshooting security issues (802: 4.7) SOHO-specific security is new (802: 2.5,2.6) 19

Exam objectives and other information:

Exam objectives and other information For exam objectives and other information, go to this Netcomm page: 20


Performance Based Questions 21


Performance based questions in Network+, Security+

Timeframe and notes:

Timeframe and notes Performance based questions will be added to Network+ and Security+ on this schedule: Network+: November 2012 Security+: January 2013 Same objectives Same number of questions on exam (multiple choice will be reduced to accommodate performance based) Hands-on training or experience becomes much more important 23

New “demo” video of CompTIA exam experience :

New “demo” video of CompTIA exam experience YouTube Video https :// P erformance based questions section B egins at roughly the 5 minute mark CompTIA website (performance based portion only) http:// 24 Video demonstrates what a candidate can expect, from the beginning of a CompTIA exam to the end.

Why performance based questions?:

Why performance based questions? A better measure of skills, not just memorization Represents CompTIA’s interest in using the latest in testing technologies to the benefit of the industry Intended as a better indication of a certified candidate’s readiness for the job. In the words of a member of the CompTIA Security+ Certification Advisory Committee from the U.S. Navy: A certification is not intended to be the introductory training tool for an inexperienced and untrained individual.....a certification is intended to attest that the individual has already attained the requisite training and experience and has proven it with an industry-recognized standard (certification exam). 25 http://


26 http://

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