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It's free school in Myanmar, call Exodus School. You can find more information in www.facebook.com/exodus.school.


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Exodus needs U!:

Exodus needs U! Rody Exodus Founder rodyhfm@gmail.com 09-31087872

Exodus Address:

Exodus Address Exodus Non-Profit Organization No.773, Min KyawSwar 10st, (20) Ward, Part (6), HlaingThaYar Yangon. Phone- 09 254083796 ,09 73102744

Exodus …:

Exodus … Mission: helping the poor children in their education Vision: holistic development for all Partners: NCRWG, Colorful Girls, MCP (Myanmar Compassion Project), YWAMA co. ltd.

Key success factors:

Key success factors We could send 263 children to school. (2008-2013) We are take caring 33 students (SCM). We are supporting HYN in capacity building. We could open Preschool.

Activities of ENO:

Activities of ENO ShweChinMae Development Home (SDH) ShweChinMae Development Pre-school (SDP) Summer Development Training (SDT) (every summer: March – May) Extra weekend classes for the children Vocational trainings Hosting mobile clinic in coorperation with Ywama company litmited

Products to sustain the Project:

Products to sustain the Project Natural Grape Wine Tribals Traditional Purse (Necklace, earring, hand chain, ring, and fancy things) Exodus Music-Video Collection Exodus Breakthrough Book Hand-made bricks


Achievements Volunteer Capacity Development Training and Preschool Development by Loka Alinn Sonja Foundation Monthly Support from Global Hope/ Samsung Stationery for one academic year by KT care foundation Theater performance with United ACT Seminars, Forums, Workshops, Trainings …

Current Projects:

Current Projects Swechinmae Development Home Swechinmae Pre-school Community Development At Rakhine Exodus singers Exodus dancers Exodus Books Exodus Music Videos And many more

Swechinmae Development Home:

Swechinmae Development Home Current members _ 30 Girls and 3 Boys Teachers _ 9 Female teachers Staffs _ 3 Female and 3 Male staffs Needs _ at least 800,000 Kyat per month ($800) for Food Needs _ at least 400,000 Kyat per month ($400) for Education

Swechinmae Pre-school:

Swechinmae Pre-school Current students _ 35 (3-6 years old) Teachers _ 3 Female teachers Future plan _ extension pre-school at Okshitpin , Bago Division and 3 target areas at Rakhine state

Community Development At Rakhine:

Community Development At Rakhine

3 target areas:

3 target areas Rakhine State, Taung Gote Township Suot Pyit Village Nyaung Lan Doe Village Doe Nwe Saan Village

Exodus Services:

Exodus Services Exodus Singers _ available for special events Exodus Dancers _ available for membrane Exodus Books _ available for your knowledge Exodus Music Videos _ available for your entertainment Exodus Grape Wine _ available for your health Exodus Jewelry _ available for your accessories


Trainings Women Right Awareness training Child Right Awareness training Vocal training Vocational training Teachers of training (TOT) Songs training Class Management training

How can U help!:

How can U help! Donation (Teaching, sharing and giving) Finding Donors Spend time with Exodus members Visiting to fields (Office: Hliangtharyar , Yangon, Regional Office: Okshitpin , Suot Pyit , Nyaung Lan Doe, Doe Nwe Saan at Rakhine ) Advice Assistant


Needs For Swechinmae Development Home _ 800$ per month for food, 400$ per month for Education For Swechinmae Pre-school _ Extension in regional fields, 500$ per one For Services _ 500$ per one service We cannot spell S_CCESS without U!


FYI Contact person _ Rody Contact Phone _ 09-31087872 Facebook _ Exodus School Contact address _ 773, Minkyawswar 10 th street, 20 Ward, Part 6, Hlaingtharyar , Yangon, Myanmar

You are welcome …:

You are welcome … To be our Donor To be our teacher To be our trainer To be our volunteer To do research For data collection To work with us …

Thank you:

Thank you Q & A


Contacts U Thant Zin _ ZAKPO Ms. Jasmine, Thin Thin Khine , Thida _ ZAKPO Aung Kyi Oo _ 88 Generation Student U George Than Setkyar Heine, ADPFM (Anti-Dictatorship People’s Freedom Movement), stgeorgeaustralia@yahoo.com , 09 250277574

To get success:

To get success အေျခအေန ၊ အခ်ိန္အခ ါ၊ အခါအခြင ့္၊ အရည္အခ်င္း ႏွင့္ လိမၼာပါးနပ္မ ႈ Situation, time, Opportunity, Capacity and intelligent အမွန္တရားဆိုတာ အမွားတရာပ ါ SMART အျပင ္ ပါးနပ္ရမယ ္။

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