Steps to Maintain Your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment


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Consult our qualified commercial refrigeration repair in Fort Worth, TX to put together a customized repair and maintenance plan for your business.


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Steps to Maintain Your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment If you are a huge business owner you probably know the importance of preventive maintenance in recent years. Preventive maintenance is the most feasible method to keep your heating and air conditioning systems running reliably and efficiently. What you might not realise is that commercial refrigeration repair in Fort Worth TX is a result of carelessness in the maintenance and servicing of the electrical units at your firm or outlet. After all all these heating and cooling units are mission-critical systems that can quickly cost you a fortune when they go down. Even when your refrigeration system is working in its best condition it could be consuming too much energy which might even cost you not just your wallet but the entire planet. Preventive care will save you some green. Scheduling regular cleaning and tune-ups for your refrigeration units can help with the following benefits: 1. Prevent the dreaded emergency breakdown. Just the thought of your walk-in freezer going down is probably enough to send shivers run down your spine. The loss could be massive. You can not afford to lose customers and reputation once you reach stability in your business. Regular inspections can help you spot problems and fix them before the entire shipment of ice food and meat go waste. Avoid power failures for a long time. Cleaning and maintaining the evaporators and condensers could reduce the risk of failures and need of a commercial refrigeration repair in Fort Worth TX. 2. Avoid mould and contaminated ice. The foul smell is sure to drive your customers away. You need to make sure the customers are not uncomfortable or sick due to the smelly ice or spoilt food. To make the situations worst you could end up with health code violations and even lawsuits ready to sue you. Dirt and mould accumulating inside the ice maker are a major contributor to the smell.

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To remedy this situation make sure your technician cleans the water lines bins and dispensers using products specially designed for ice machines of the refrigeration brand installed in your building. 3. Reduce energy bills. Maintaining your refrigeration equipment can save between 5 to 10 per cent on energy costs. Maintenance helps units show their peak performance. When condenser coils are dirty your commercial refrigerator has to work harder which in turn results in using more energy in the process. Check the defrost frequency settings for maximum efficiency and minimum power consumption by your commercial refrigerator. 4. Extend the life of your equipment. The refrigerator lifecycle is a vicious cycle: when parts are worn and dirty the unit runs more fiercely causing more wear and tear on the minor and major parts equally. The unit sometimes breaks down for good long before it should have. 5. Take good care of your equipment and it will take good care of you. - Clean evaporator and condenser coils - Check integrity of the insulation - Clean fan blades and inspect the fan motor - Check for air leaks through cracks holes and worn parts like gaskets and seals - Check lines for condensation - Check for loose electrical connections - Clear drain lines of debris - Lubricate door hinges and handles - Check temperature and defrost settings and calibrate thermometers - Check filters on ice makers

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- Thoroughly clean all ice maker components Poorly maintained commercial refrigeration units could cause a great deal of waste. Broken units waste energy resources and money. However don’t waste another minute worrying about equipment breakdowns. Consult our qualified commercial refrigeration repair in Fort Worth TX to put together a customized repair and maintenance plan for your business.

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