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The trip will take place on Sunday, May 3 IF there is enough interest. We will drive 20 miles north of Helena, put in at Upper Holter (Hilger Landing), paddle into the Gates of the Mountains Area, hike, and then return.


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Details for May 3 Trip:

Details for May 3 Trip Watch this presentation to find out about the kayaking/hiking opportunity on Sunday, May 3.


Helena Sunday, May 3 2 mile paddle out 1 hour hike 2 mile paddle back Start kayak trip here.


We would put in at Hilger Landing (yellow arrow) on Upper Holter Lake (20 miles north of Helena) and paddle two miles (red arrow). Sun, May 3


Next – We will hike up there.


And then over to here.


Then we will paddle back to Hilger Landing, load up, and return to Helena.

Trip Summary:

Trip Summary Talk to Benson in person (no emails, etc.) by the end of school on Wednesday, April 29 if you plan to participate. You cannot go without a signed permission slip. Benson will give you one upon request. We will depart from Dillard ’ s at 9 am Sunday morning (May 3). We should be back to Dillard ’ s by 5 pm. Parents are welcome to go along. If you do not have a kayak, PFD, and paddle – please borrow one from a friend, or plan to rent one from a local business. Questions? Talk to Benson. The trip is subject to cancellation due to weather.


Click here to watch a video that shows the canyon.


Kayak Trip Griz Talk @ MT Wild PPLT Run Mom ’ s Day Banff Films @ HMS 7 pm Check the HHS Outdoors Club Facebook Page. Details for these events will be posted as the dates approach. Other events may be added later this month. Mem. Day Possible Kayak Hike Camp Possible Kayak Hike Camp

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