Mid-Latitude Cyclones - The Blizzard of 193

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This is used before we start the map activity in class. Watch this if you were gone.


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Short YouTube Video of October 2010 Mid-Latitude Cyclone Click on the link to watch it.

November 26, 2001:

November 26, 2001

Isobars (lines) & Temperature (color):

Isobars (lines) & Temperature (color) November 26, 2001

Satellite (infrared):

Satellite (infrared)

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Isobars & Satellite (infrared) :

Isobars & Satellite (infrared)

Storms of the Century:

Storms of the Century 1. 1935 Labor Day Hurricane 2. 1974 Tornado Outbreak 3. 1993 Superstorm (Blizzard of ‘93) 4. 1900 Galveston Hurricane 5. 1938 Great New England Hurricane 6. Hurricane Camille 1969 7. 1925 Tri-state Tornado 8. Ash Wednesday Storm 9. Hurricanes Agnes and Andrew

The Blizzard of ‘93 (a “Superstorm”):

The Blizzard of ‘93 (a “Superstorm”) 26 states affected; 50% of USA’s population About 270 deaths 10 foot storm surge (Katrina’s was over 25 feet) Baby “boomlet” nine months later

The Blizzard of ‘93 “visible” satellite view:

The Blizzard of ‘93 “visible” satellite view L Snow

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Infrared Satellite View of the Blizzard of ‘93


L Storm center Fronts Squall line wind Surge Cold air Snow 5,100 lightning strikes in one hour

NEXT: Map Activity: The Blizzard of ‘93:

NEXT: Map Activity: The Blizzard of ‘93 L 12-11p L 13-7a L 13-1p L 13-7p L 13-11p L 14-7a L The storm surge happens where the wind is pushing the water toward the shore. The little “L’s” show the location of the storm’s center at various times. For example, 13-7a means March 13th at 7 am.

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