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RocketTech India’s Leading Website Design & Website Development Company in Delhi NCR. Get User Friendly , Mobile Responsive , E-Commercce , Dynamic & Static Website design services at best price.


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WHAT IS STATIC WEBSITE Static means unchanged & constant . Static website is cheapest easy to build and host . Many big & small company make static website to provide basic knowladge to their client , company companies still use these to get web presence. www.rockettech.in Static Website Development

Advantages of Static website:

Advantages of Static website Speed : a CMS takes its own time to process the data and generate HTML. You save that processing time as the server can fetch the file and send it straight to the client . Flexibility: with a CMS you are often limited in designing custom pages the way you want. You can, but you need technical knowledge and it's often less straightforward than creating a custom static page (but you still need to know HTML and CSS obviously) Quick to develop Cheap to develop Cheap to host www.rockettech.in

Disadvantages of Static Website:

Disadvantages of Static Website No dynamic content : a static page obviously can't pull in any data from a database. Say you had a static website, not only would you have to create a new HTML file for every post, you'd also have to edit the overview page to contain an excerpt and a link to the post. Harder to maintain : for every change to your content, you'd have to edit an HTML file. And if you want the change the layout or even add an extra item to the navigation, you'd have to touch every single page. With a CMS, you'd only have to update a template file . Requires web development expertise to update site Site not as useful for the user Content can get stagnant www.rockettech.in

What is Dynamic Website :

What is Dynamic Website PHP , JSP & ASP page are dynamic website page. These pages contains server side scripting , which allows the server to generate unique content each time the page is loaded. Example : - The server may display the current time and date on the web pages .Many dynamic pages use server-side code to access database information, which enables the page's content to be generated from information stored in the database. www.rockettech.in

Advantages of Dynamic Website:

Advantages of Dynamic Website Dynamic websites come with great ease to stock up, obtain or send your products or services, and member or content information Great ease of updating and managing information, contents, videos and images anytime, without any need of great technical expertise or webmaster. All dynamic sites are generally database driven One can easily modify his dynamic website in to a user friendly search engine A of the class dynamic website design offers easy search engine spider which can browse through hundreds and thousands of the website pages constantly without disturbing the performance of your dynamic website in search engines. A dynamic website perfectly handles everyday multi part jobs such as calculating, presenting and quoting customized sales data and information. www.rockettech.in

Disadvantages of Website Development:

Disadvantages of Website Development Development Takes Time Hosting is expensive Customizing predefined layout is tough www.rockettech.in

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Contact Us Website :- www.rockettech.in Phone No :- 9911433439 Email ID :- info@rockettech.in Address :- 903, Pearl Best Heights – 1 , Netaji Subhas Place Delhi – 110034

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