gravitation thrust and pressure

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01 Thrust & Pressure project date 26/10/2010 Presented by Deepak Saxena Class : 9th ‘B’

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DEFAULT STYLES 04 Gravitation The force of attraction between any two object can be said as gravitation . There is one universal law of gravitation by Newton .

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DEFAULT STYLES 04 Universal Law Of Gravitation By Newton Universal law of gravitation states that every object in the universe attracts every other object with a force directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of their distance.

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DEFAULT STYLES 04 Importance of universal law of gravitation The law explains that : The force bind us to the earth. The motion of the moon around the earth . The motion of earth the sun. The tides due to sun and the moon.

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DEFAULT STYLES 04 Freefall Whenever the objects fall toward the earth under its force alone then it is said that freefall is taking place. For example : Take a stone Throw it down from the building Here the action taking place can be said to be as freefall

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DEFAULT STYLES 04 Mass The mass of an object is the measure of it inertia . Characteristics of mass: The greater is the mass greater is the inertia. The mass of an object is constant Mass do not change from place to place

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DEFAULT STYLES 04 Weight The force of attraction on the earth on an object is known as the weight of the object . Characteristics of weight : The si unit of weight is Newton ( N ). It is the force that acts vertically downward. it has both magnitude and the direction .

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. DEFAULT STYLES Thrust The force acting on an object perpendicular to the surface is called as thrust.

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DEFAULT STYLES Example: We wish to fix a poster on a bulletin board . To do this task we need to press the drawing pins through our thumb . It is seen that we apply force on the surface area oof the pin’s head. This force is directly perpendicular to the surface area of the board .

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DEFAULT STYLES Conclusion : Here by this activity we can observe that there is thrust force acting upon it i.e; the object ( pin ) is perpendicular to the surface ( board ) .

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DEFAULT STYLES 04 Pressure Force that acts on unit per area is said to Pressure . Hence we can write pressure as : P= force/are = F/A = Thrust/Area

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DEFAULT STYLES 04 Fluids All liquids and gases are said to be Fluids .

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DEFAULT STYLES 04 Pressure in fluids As we all know that solids exerts pressure . In same way fluids have weight and they also apply pressure on the base as well as the walls of the container in which they are to be kept . Hence we can say that the fluids exerts pressure .

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DEFAULT STYLES 04 Buoyancy firstly let me ask a question to you . Have you ever swim in water and had felt lighter then that you are . Here is the answer to my question “buoyancy” I c am going to explain to you that what is buoyancy and its factors .

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Activity: Take an empty bottle, a bucket filled with water . Now take the bottle and push it down in the water. Do you feel that something is pushing that bottle towards you . Now try to sink the bottle as deeper as you can. The jumps and came out . So friends from this activity we had observed that there is certain force that pushes the objects upward in the water , this force is said to be the up thrust or the buoyancy

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DEFAULT STYLES 04 Why do objects sink or float in water To show this we need to perform one more activity here we are: Take a glass filled with water . Take an iron nail , foam place them on the water. So we observed that the nail sinks . This because the force by the nail was greater than that of the up thrust . But the foam was floating on the water this was happened because the force of foam was equilent to the up thrust.

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DEFAULT STYLES 04 u Text box

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