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Submitted By:- Deepak Saxena of Class x th ‘B’ Session : 2011-2012 People’s Public School

Development :

Development The ideas of development or progress has always been with us. We have aspirations or desires about what we would like to do and how we would like to live.

Development for different people :-:

Development for different people :- Category:- Development:- Landless rural labourers:- More days of work and better wages. Local school is able to provide education for their children. Prosperous farmers:- Assured a high family income through higher support prices for their crops. A girl from rich urban family:- She get as much freedom as her brother and is able to decide what she wants to do in life

A question arises ??? :

A question arises ??? Do all of these persons have the same notion of development or progress......? The answer is obviously no. So we got to know that different peoples can have different development goals and may be the development for other can be destructive for someone else

Activity :

Activity Look at the picture in the left. What should be the development for such an area??? So as we can clearly see here that on hand its development for rich people and on the other hand its destructive for people of that slum. New complex Old slum

Comparison of diff. countries or states:-:

Comparison of diff. countries or states:- Comparison of countries are particularly based on their income i.e., it’s the basic attribute of comparison. Countries with higher income are more developed than those with less income. Here more income means more of things available that human needs.

Here’s some the countries per capita income:- :

Here’s some the countries per capita income:- 1 Luxembourg 108,832 2 Norway 84,444 3 Qatar 76,168 4 Switzerland 67,246 5 United Arab Emirates 59,717 6 Denmark 56,147 7 Australia 55,590 8 Sweden 48,875 9 United States 47,284 10 Netherlands 47,172 International Monetary Fund (2010) World Bank (2009) 1 Monaco 186,175 2 Liechtenstein 134,392 3 Luxembourg 105,044 — Bermuda 88,747 4 Norway 79,089 5 Qatar 69,754 6 Switzerland 63,629 7 Denmark 55,992 8 Ireland 51,049 9 United Arab Emirates 50,070 10 Netherlands 47,917

How to find the income of a country?:

How to find the income of a country? Here's the answer, to find the income we take the average income which is the total income of the country and its divided by the countries population. The average income is also called as per capita income . Take a look at the example:-

Example:- :

Example:- Let us take two countries A & B. suppose population of these countries is 5 person each. Country Monthly income of citizens 1 2 3 4 5 Average A 9500 10500 9800 1000 10200 8200 B 500 500 500 500 48000 10000 Therefore we can conclude that country B is more developed that country A.

What about the states? :

What about the states? The earlier case does not goes with this one. To find the developed state except income other criteria's are also kept in mind. Let us take the example of three states Punjab, Kerala and Bihar. Take a look at the table:-

Slide 11:

State Infant mortality rate Per 1000 (2003) Literacy rate % (2001) Net attendance ratio for class 1-5 (1995-96) Punjab 49 70 81 Kerala 11 91 91 Bihar 60 47 41 After studying the table we can conclude that Kerala is the developed state among these Three and Bihar is least developed amongst them.


Summary:- So in this mean time we have learned the meaning of development for single persons and different persons. How one’s development can be destructive for other. How to compare two different countries or states on basis development. Finding of per capita income of country as well as states.

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