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Laser Beam Machining : 

Laser Beam Machining Fig : Schematic illustration of the laser-beam machining process. ) Examples of holes produced in nonmetallic parts by LBM.

Laser Beam Machining : 

Laser Beam Machining (b) Laser beam machining Cutting and hole making on thin materials; heat-affected zone; does not require a vacuum; but expensive equipment; consume much energy; 0.5-7.5 mm/min depending on thickness.

Laser Beam Machining : 

Laser Beam Machining Laser Concept Add energy to make electrons “jump” to higher energy orbit Electron “relaxes” and moves to equilibrium at ground-state energy level Emits a photon in this process (key laser component) Two mirrors reflect the photons back and forth and “excite” more electrons One mirror is partially reflective to allow some light to pass through: creates narrow laser beam Photon Emission Model

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More precise Useful with a variety of materials: metals, composites, plastics, and ceramics Smooth, clean cuts Faster process Decreased heat-affected zone Laser Beam Machining

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