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Signs and symptoms of complex ovarian cyst include all signs and symptoms of common ovarian cyst. But Severe pain is most important symptoms in some case. Most of them said that pain from their complex ovarian cyst were unbearable. Pain from complex ovarian cysts: Enlarged cystedonomas can cause the ovary to twist which is extremely painful Pain may radiate from the pelvis to thighs and buttocks There may be pain with sexual intercourse Pain may occur before or after menstrual periods Treatment for complex ovarian cyst vary depending on the type and gravity of your ovarian cyst. There is three types of complex ovarian cyst which exist: Dermoid cysts: Dermoid cysts are produced from the cells, which make up the human eggs. Hence, some dermoids almost look human like because of the growth of hair, teeth and even other tissues in the cysts. Sometimes, you can also come across cysts that contain things like sweat glands and some types of tissues. The knowledge of this type of cyst often makes a woman nervous and psychologically uneasy. This type of cyst is not cancerous, but it is nonetheless painful, especially if the cyst twists on itself. (2) Endometrioma: Endometriosis can lead to endometrioma, which usually results in the growth of this cyst outside the uterus. This type of cyst can lead to many complications in and around ovaries and hence, it should be addressed immediately. (3) Cystadenomas: These cysts are composed of liquid and mucus. These cysts can be very large and are usually very painful. They can also twist upon themselves and are therefore associated with excruciating pain and discomfort.

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