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Eviction Remedies : 

Eviction Remedies Professional Assisted Eviction Solutions Serving Florida’s Real Estate Professionals PO Box 1794 New Port Richey, FL 34656 © Copyright 2010 Eviction Remedies, Inc. All rights reserved.


EVICTION REMEDIES DISCLOSURE We are not a government agency Eviction Remedies™ is a private corporation providing affordable eviction solutions through non-lawyer document preparation services and comprehensive property management packages. It's how we get such fast results and why our service is of such great value! No one employed by Eviction Remedies™, is licensed by the Florida Bar to practice law in the state of Florida. No one employed by Eviction Remedies™, is authorized to give legal advice or tell you what your legal rights are. That anyone employed by Eviction Remedies™, is only authorized to assist you by filling out forms with the information you supply and to assist in the filing of such forms in the proper manner. That any information supplied by Eviction Remedies™, is to be strictly construed as procedural ONLY and is not to be misconstrued as legal advice. Anyone requiring legal advice is to seek competent legal counsel. You should not use our services for a substitute for obtaining legal advice.


ASSISTED EVICTION SOLUTIONS We offers quality service an affordable price We handle preparation of all paperwork involved. We deliver documents to you at your leisure or offer convenient office locations We file evictions for landlords in all Florida counties. We compile everything for your filing - you only need to sign and return. We keep you informed of the status of your eviction filing (email and/or telephone) We offer the best rates available - Guaranteed. No hidden charges and fast service! Customer Base Individual Owner/Landlords Professional Property Managers Real Estate Agents & Firms Mobile Home Park Communities Apartment Communities

SERVICES – (Comprehensive Review) : 

SERVICES – (Comprehensive Review) Time is money; you can save both with Eviction Remedies! Our eviction related services can help you with the preparation and filing of all documents for completing the Florida eviction process; including, but not limited to the following; Notices Complaints Defaults Judgments Writs Non Military Affidavits Second Cause of Action and Service/Filing/Mailing of each. Eviction Remedies™ is a company dedicated to serving property owners with quality document preparation services and non-attorney eviction related services. We want to make it easy and affordable for our clients to remove unwanted tenants so they can re-rent their property and maximize their profits to conserve their investment .

Save Time and Money : 

Save Time and Money Let us save you money on delinquency actions? As a landlord, investor, or real estate professional; you lose money for every day the tenant occupies the unit due to its delinquency. This is commonly known as "lost rent" or “negative cash flow”. Eviction Remedies™ fees and lost rent combined total less than the average attorneys' fee alone. Eviction Remedies™ can remove an unwanted tenant in as little as 14-21 days on average*. * Figures based on results in west central Florida 14-21 day time frame as stated above may vary depending on situation; every case has its own unique circumstances.

What is the DIFFERENCE : 

What is the DIFFERENCE Can Eviction Remedies help me? What is the difference between the documents I get from you and those prepared by an attorney? The short answer is: Nothing! Eviction Remedies utilizes the latest legal technology, including the same software packages used in most law firms. Now for the longer answer: When you retain the services of an Non-Attorney, Legal Document Preparer, you are essentially acting as your own attorney; you must know what you want your documents to say [provided in a simple information form]. We cannot draft legal arguments for you or give you specific legal advice. We have many self-help legal reference materials available in our office to guide you, and our services include legal information from published resources to help you make your own choices. In Short: Not all legal matters may require an attorney, but if you do not know your legal rights in a situation, you should see an attorney. If you have already decided on a course of action and the matter is undisputed, a legal document preparer is an efficient and affordable alternative to hiring a lawyer.


OUR KNOWLEDGE AND GUARANTEE We have extensive background and experience in property management and real estate title including hands on landlord/tenant issues since 2002. We are proud and supporting members with good standing to the National Association of Legal Document Preparers (NALDP) . Members receive the latest training and are kept up to date on the most recent developments affecting the legal documents they prepare. We offer the best rates and most comprehensive eviction related services available We will beat any competitors advertised price - Guaranteed. We will deliver all documents to you for signature the same day ordered. We deliver all documents to the court on your behalf within 24 hours from receipt in order. Direct communication is key to our success! We provide a 100% guarantee that the forms prepared will be accepted by the court. If the forms are not accepted for any reason, a full refund will be provided.

Our professional relationships : 

Our professional relationships Clerks, we know most clerks and judicial assistants by name. Clerks, look forward to helping someone that knows the process. We contact the sheriff daily, by phone or in person. We contact the clerk twice a day.. Sheriff, help make their job easier. Both servers and writs Numbers and postings Judges, having direct line of contact with the courts daily We have contact with the judges gate keeper, judicial assistants We know the judges trends. The tenants Giving them an avenue to vent Offer them service to move easier.


BREAKDOWN of COSTS Prices include all court costs and sheriffs fees in most counties! Prices DO NOT include delivery of 3-Day Notice however; you may download the notice for free and prepare/serve it on your own; or simply have our company prepare and serve it for you with the information you provide; for only $35.00! (local restrictions apply)

Why use our services : 

Why use our services What are the benefits of using Eviction Remedies Services? It’s out of your hands. All forms are processed the same day you call. We provide a 100% guarantee that the forms prepared will be accepted by the court. We are in direct contact every day with the clerk and sheriff – we know the status. We hand deliver to the sheriff’s/Process Server; Complaint & Writ, (saving you time and money) We visit or query the court daily to check on the status of your filing. We handle all incoming calls up to the writ. Our professional relationships, clerks, sheriff, judicial assistants, and yes even the tenant. All saving you time and money

Today’s Cost : 

Today’s Cost What are the costs associated with our service? Eviction Remedies™ Flat-rate service with no hidden charges or additional fees – EVER! Total cost with one tenant on the lease is only $494.99, including the final writ of possession. Service of 3-Day Notice upon tenants is only $35.00 – (Local Service Only; Call for Details) Each additional tenant named in the eviction will incur an increase in the amount of $50.00 per person, as each person must be served. (This is a direct reflection of the county sheriff or private process server fees.) We provide discounts for repeat business or commercial clients. Please visit our website for additional services and rates; It's time to get your property back! Visit us at: Email questions to: Don’t hesitate to call us Toll Free/Fax 1-888-725-0309; the call is always free. Free Notices Online

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