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Exfuze presents…. The Seven+ PILLARS of A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE:

Exfuze presents…. The Seven+ PILLARS of A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE Combining the Best of Nature and the best of science to create a Complete Lifestyle Approach

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Most people spend their health trying to gain their wealth; and then spend their wealth trying to re-gain their HEALTH. Don’t become a victim of today’s stressful rat race. Become PROACTIVE!

1. Get a good night’s rest:

1. Get a good night’s rest Get a minimum of 7 ½ to 9 hours of sleep Minimize any electronics in your bedroom Do not turn on lights if you wake up to go to the bathroom (bright lights stop production of melatonin) Learn your sleep cycles so you can avoid using an alarm clock Avoid alcohol and Caffeine in the evening Avoid any hot or cold liquids prior to going to bed Do not watch television prior to going to bed

2. Exercise everyday:

2. Exercise everyday Walk around the block Use a rebounder. (Small trampoline) Bicycle ride through your neighborhood Start out slow and build up to where you work up a good sweat and get your heart rate up Breathe deeply while walking Your body needs Oxygen Breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth Breathe deeply and push out that last little bit of air

3. Drink pure water:

3. Drink pure water A rule of thumb is to Drink half your body weight in ounces per day, but at least drink when you are thirsty. Buy a good water filter and Drink FILTERED WATER Avoid bottled water in plastic bottles Fill your own glass bottles with filtered water Do NOT drink any soda - especially diet soda – ever! Pure Coconut Water is a GREAT way to hydrate Avoid water with fluoride in it

4. Stop eating JUNK FOOD:

4. Stop eating JUNK FOOD Avoid ALL FAST FOOD Restaurants Avoid luncheon meats and anything with nitrates or nitrites Avoid FRIED FOODS especially French Fries Avoid potato chips, cookies, doughnuts or cake Cut back on Dairy Eliminate anything with High Fructose Corn Syrup Eliminate anything with ASPARTAME or SUCRALOSE Eliminate anything that is Genetically Modified (GMO) Eliminate anything with MSG Eliminate anything that is Irradiated

5. Nutrition; Eat green leafy vegetables, Berries, Fruit, raw organic Nuts & Seeds:

5. Nutrition; Eat green leafy vegetables, Berries, Fruit, raw organic Nuts & Seeds Eat lots of green salads. Buy organic when you can Avoid CANNED foods Avoid Processed Foods Eat as much RAW FOOD as you can Do not overcook your food NEVER microwave your food Limit your charcoal grilled meats Cut back on red meats Raise your pH from ACID to ALKALINE

6. Personal Hygiene:

6. Personal Hygiene Avoid products with Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLF) Avoid lotions with Petroleum Distillates or Polypropylene Get SUNSHINE everyday Dental Hygiene: Brush after every meal - Floss twice a day Regular Cleaning 2 to 3 times a year Gargle with Sea Salt rinse Avoid commercial mouthwash

7. Augment your diet with Supplements:

7. Augment your diet with Supplements Seven+ Multi-botanical Liquid Nutritional Supplement PROformance – for the busy athlete to the soccer mom Premium Focus – For Mental Clarity and Focus GreenZilla – For the extra ENERGY your body needs Purchase supplements that are all natural and organic Avoid all synthetic vitamins Introducing the most potent, ALL NATURAL, Bio-Available, liquid nutrition in the world… Eat the RIGHT food and consume good quality supplements

8. Detoxify:

8. Detoxify Breathe deeply: inhale oxygen and exhale toxins Sweat: Eliminate toxins through perspiration Far-InfraRed Sauna Eat Green leafy Foods Buy a good blender like Vita Mix or Blendtech Make green smoothies with kale, spinach and cilantro, etc. Consume liquid supplement with lipotropic agents in them. Hint - (Focus, PROformance & GreenZilla) The Plus + Pillars…

9. Emotional:

9. Emotional Be at peace with yourself and others Forgiveness – Un-forgiveness may cause disease Be loving and kind to everyone Have joy in your heart Develop a POSITIVE ATTITUDE Be ENTHUSIASTIC The Plus Pillars…

10. Spiritual:

10. Spiritual Exercise your faith – Develop a relationship with God In one study people who regularly attended a house of worship lived several years longer Read from the scriptures of your faith on a daily basis Pray Studies have proven the power of prayer in healing of self and loved ones The Plus Pillars…

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Remember… “Your HEALTH is your WEALTH”

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Thank you for watching. We trust this information will start you on the road to a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. Brought to you by your local Independent eXfuze Distributor. For additional information contact: www.exfuze.com/personalsite Email Address: Phone Number:

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