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SY0-401 CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam Dumps

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QUESTION 1 A company is rolling out a new e-commerce website. The security analyst wants to reduce the risk of the new website being comprised by confirming that system patches are up to date application hot fixes are current and unneeded ports and services have been disabl ed. To do this the security analyst will perform a: A. Vulnerability assessment B. White box test C. Penetration test D. Peer review Correct Answer: A

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QUESTION 2 Joe a security analyst is attempting to determine if a new server meets the security requi rements of his organization. As a step in this process he attempts to identify a lack of sec urity controls and to identify common misconfigurations on the server. Which of the follo wing is Joe attempting to complete A. Black hat testing B. Vulnerability scanning C. Black box testing D. Penetration testing Correct Answer: B

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QUESTION 3 Which of the following attacks initiates a connection by sending specially crafted packets in which multiple TCP flags are set to 1 A. Replay B. Smurf C. Xmas D. Fraggle Correct Answer: C

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QUESTION 4 The IT department has been tasked with reducing the risk of sensitive information being shared with unauthorized entities from computers it is saved on without impeding the a bility of the employees to access the internet. Implementing which of the following would be the best way to accomplish this objective A. Host-based firewalls B. DLP C. URL filtering D. Pop-up blockers Correct Answer: B

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QUESTION 5 A server crashes at 6 pm. Senior management has determined that data must be restored within two hours of a server crash. Additionally a loss of more than one hour worth of da ta is detrimental to the companys financial well-being. Which of the following is the RTO A. 7pm B. 8pm C. 9pm D. 10pm Correct Answer: B

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QUESTION 6 To mitigate the risk of intrusion an IT Manager is concerned with using secure versions of protocols and services whenever possible. In addition the security technician is requir ed to monitor the types of traffic being generated. Which of the following tools is the tech nician MOST likely to use A. Port scanner B. Network analyzer C. IPS D. Audit Logs Correct Answer: B

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QUESTION 7 A company hosts a web server that requires entropy in encryption initialization and auth entication. To meet this goal the company would like to select a block cipher mode of op eration that allows an arbitrary length IV and supports authenticated encryption. Which of the following would meet these objectives A. CFB B. GCM C. ECB D. CBC Correct Answer: B

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QUESTION 8 During a company-wide initiative to harden network security it is discovered that end us ers who have laptops cannot be removed from the local administrator group. Which of th e following could be used to help mitigate the risk of these machines becoming compromi sed A. Security log auditing B. Firewalls C. HIPS D. IDS Correct Answer: B

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QUESTION 9 An administrator receives a security alert that appears to be from one of the companys v endors. The email contains information and instructions for patching a serious flaw that has not been publicly announced. Which of the following can an employee use to validate the authenticity if the email A. Hashing algorithm B. Ephemeral Key C. SSL certificate chain D. Private key E. Digital signature Correct Answer: E

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QUESTION 10 A bank is planning to implement a third factor to protect customer ATM transactions. W hich of the following could the bank implement A. SMS B. Fingerprint C. Chip and Pin D. OTP Correct Answer: B

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