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E-commerce shop owners often focus on acquiring more customers. But if you really wish to have a successful store, you must pay attention to your present customers. Make customer retention a key component of your digital strategy and you’ll see a significant rise in the sales on your shop.


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TIPS TO RETAIN YOUR CUSTOMERS When it comes to whats important for running successful e-commerce stores customer loyalty is something that never makes to the list. The online industry is a tricky place where customers are won and lost at a click of the mouse. In a such a scenario is customer loyalty really relevant The reality is it is crucial both economically and strategically. Without it even the most creative and high-end store will fail. For a business to succeed it is critical to retain the customers along with acquisition. But what is customer retention and how do you ensure you have a base of loyal customers Read on to know more. Understanding Customer Retention Customer retention refers to the activities or actions taken by a business to ensure that

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the customers stay loyal to the brand and would give it a preference among other brands. Simply put customer retention revolves around happy shoppers who feel they are important and have an enjoyable shopping experience on your e-commerce store compelling them to return for a great online experience. According to a study posted by Bain company a 5 increase in customer retention leads to a 25 to 95 increase in the profits. With such huge stakes at play it is really essential for a business to retain the customers. So How To Retain Customers And Make Them Return To Your Store First of all you need to get the basics right. A good line of products or services an attractive digital storefront a competitive pricing and a remarkable support services are the necessary things. Once you have all of the above things in place you can go ahead and apply the following strategies to your PrestaShop store development: Loyalty Programs An old trick but one that still works like a charm. You can use a point-based loyalty

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program on the purchase of regular use items such as groceries pet supplies and health supplements. Setting up a point based system will refrain your customers from moving to your competitors as they know they would be earning pointsmoney on their purchases. You can also:  Send discount coupons to the regular shoppers or those who shop for a particular amount  Reward them with points for other actions such as account registration referrals reviews and social sharing e-Mail Marketing If you think e-mail marketing is a thing of the past then you’re sadly mistaken. Rather it is one of the economical methods to initiate a conversation and connect with the clients. How When customers interact via an email they think of your brand. It also provides your business a sense of familiarity with your target audience. Further you get to establish yourself as an authority in your field by sending personalized relevant and informational content. All these attributes have shown to drive better conversions and repeat purchases. It is therefore crucial that you make proper efforts to get emails from your clients and send them personalized content consistently. You can:  Send them post-purchase emails  Send emails on some special events such as birthdays and anniversaries

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Support Systems A successful purchase doesn’t end when money gets credited to your account but with an effective support system to help the customer if they face any problem afterward. A great customer support system has many key benefits. First it will allow you to promptly respond and solve customer queries in an efficient manner which will lead to a satisfied customer and earn a lifelong customer. Second live chat software allows a real-time connection with the client. Contrary to email inquiries live chat is quick direct and doesn’t require a customer to wait for a response.

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