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On the powerpoint the font isn't the same as it was on my proper one


By: NathanP (156 month(s) ago)

Its hard to get through you should of made things pop up automaticlly instead of having to click to go forward in the presentation.

By: sophie007 (156 month(s) ago)

very cool ! i like the colours used but to improve i think u could set it as the writing and links come up automatically so you dont have to click. But very cool ! =]

By: Stacey (156 month(s) ago)

It's Ok I Surpose jokes Its Good !.

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Checkout Thank You for your purchase !

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Contact Us You can contact us by phoning on: 0800 3344555 Or email on: Thank You to all our costumers !

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Experiences Please SELECT YOUR CATEGIRY Adventure Category Sports Category

Adventure Category : 

Adventure Category Please select your category Orbing Paintballing

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Orbing Aqua Orbing For 2 Ultimate Orbing For 2 Please Select Your Category

Aqua Orbing For 2 : 

Aqua Orbing For 2 This amazing experience will surly send you home in a spin! As you will be placed in a giant hamster ball and chucked down a huge hill in the Sussex countryside. Price: £35 !!

Ultimate Orbing For 2 : 

Ultimate Orbing For 2 If your one of those mad thrill seekers this is the experience for you ! You can also bring a friend with you for the spin, fancy going down a hill at 30mph ? This place can be found in Brighton, East Sussex. Price: £98 !!

Paintballing : 

Paintballing Paintballing For 5 Paintballing For 10 Please Select Your Category

Paintballing For 5 : 

Paintballing For 5 Fancy shooting one of your 5 mates with a paintball gun if so this experience is for you. You will get 500 paintballs each to start off with and you will be there for an amazing 4 hours ! Price: £234

Paintballing For 2 : 

Paintballing For 2 Imagine this! Running through bushes, trees or even undergrowth with a paintball gun shooting your other friend! You will have 4 hours of this incredible game and 500 free paintballs each ! This can be found across the UK. Price: 97 !!

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Sports Category Football Fishing Please Select Your Category

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Football Kids Football Academy For 10 Kids Football Coaching For 2 Please Select Your Category

Kids Football Academy For 10 : 

Kids Football Academy For 10 Does your kid love playing football? Is his birthday coming up? This could be the ultimate party for your kid. He can also show off to all his mates. This experience is across the UK. Price: £245

Kids Football Coaching For 2 : 

Kids Football Coaching For 2 Mad about football? You could have a chance to coached by a qualified FA or SFA coach. They will tell you all the tips they know! You will also have a competitive 5 a side games with others. Price: £48

Fishing : 

Fishing Family Fishing Experience Introduction To Trout Fly Fishing

Family Fishing Experience : 

Family Fishing Experience Have you always wanted a family day out, how about going fishing ? You could share the experience of catching your first trout with the rest of the family in Alresford, Hampshire. Price: £245 !!

Introduction To Trout Fly Fishing : 

Introduction To Trout Fly Fishing If you have wanted to start a new sport for a while maybe fly fishing is for you but you won’t fined out until you try ! You will learn how to cast out and a few fishing techniques, you will also be able to take your first fish home ! All of this is at Arlesford, Hampshire. Price: £145

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