Four Things to Do When Creating a Business Card


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Four Things to Do When Creating a Business Card:

Four Things to Do When Creating a Business Card

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Despite the popularity of online communication platforms, the business world still depends on business cards. By giving people something to share with others they may wish to contact, business cards are valuable to those who wish to connect with others. Designing business cards, however, can be a bit of a challenge. Here are some tips on creating the best business cards possible.


Pre-Planning It is important to know what image you want to project with your business cards. Those who work in creative fields will want to show some creative elements in their cards. Those who deal with more concrete products and services, on the other hand, may want to emphasize their professionalism. Make a list of what you want your business card to project.

Decide on Elements:

Decide on Elements Business cards must contain contact information. Other elements, however, can make a business card stand out. A mission statement or motto can help, so decide if you want to include one and determine what it will say. Remember that business cards are small, so short mottos work best. It is also wise to include a logo on the business card to begin forming the brand image in the minds of those who receive it.

Create the Design:

Create the Design There are a number of programs that can design business cards, so find one that works and start experimenting. Place the text first and choose the right fonts; there are a number of free fonts to try online, but it is generally best to be conservative with your font choices. Choose a color scheme if it will be a color business card, and carefully add any graphical elements you wish to include. It may be wise to find a great business card and replicate some of its best features.

Ask Advice and Print:

Ask Advice and Print Once the design has been settled, ask others for advice. Sometimes, it can be easy to overlook small errors that detract from the design of the card. Ask those who give feedback to be honest; it is better to hear harsh advice early than to use a mediocre business card. Next, look at options for printing. There are a number of online printing providers who offer great discounts. On the other hand, working locally may lead to better customer service. If working locally, ask for a small print run first to ensure that the card looks as good printed as it does on a computer screen.

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