Questions you MUST Ask Before You Buy a Home


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You’re ready to own the house of your dreams. But before you make an offer, it pays to ask some key questions. If you’re armed with the right information, it can help you feel more confident that you’re making the right move on the right house.


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Questions y ou MUST Ask Before You Buy a Home Slope Style Realty


You’re ready to own the house of your dreams. But before you make an offer, it pays to ask some key questions. If you’re armed with the right information, it can help you feel more confident that you’re making the right move on the right house . When you buy a house without asking yourself the right questions, you sometimes end up making costly mistakes . As you prepare to buy a home, here are some questions to ask before you make an offer.


WILL THE WINDOWS NEED TO BE REPLACED ? Did you know that new windows can set you back upwards of $10,000…..$15,000, or more ? How often do you walk into a house and inspect the windows? Windows are boring. If anything, we swoon over the shape of them, the position of them, the scenery outside of them, but rarely do we consider the condition of the windows. But, have you ever had to deal with poor windows? Windows that don’t stay shut? Windows that are so drafty you’ve got to apply ugly plastic over them to keep the cold out ? Windows are costly and they’re one of the most costly home repairs and upgrades that you’ll ever pay for . Get a house with solid windows that will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. WHAT’S THE POSITION AND QUALITY OF THE TREES AROUND THIS HOUSE? In a bad storm, can those trees fall on your new house? Do any of them look rotted? Do any of them need to be cut down? Do those trees block the sunrise? What about the sunset ? Be cognizant of where trees are in relation to the house you want to buy. Consider the fact that if you want to remove a tree, the cost is usually anywhere from $400 – $1,500 or more to have the stump removed!


DO YOU SEE ANY SIGNS OF PESTS? Y ou need to be vigilant about pests when you’re looking for a place. Look for mouse turds. Ask the sellers for more information about it. Look inside cabinets, and moist places where pests like to hide. Heck–pull the refrigerator or stove out, and make sure there’s nothing there! Thankfully, we didn’t see roaches, but we did find centipedes after moving in.  ARE THERE SIDEWALKS IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD? Maybe you were too excited about the awesome house, but somehow, you didn’t even realize that there are no sidewalks in the neighborhood . K ids can’t just go outside and ride bikes or scooters; they might get hit by a car! If you’ve got kids, or nieces and nephews that come to visit, get a house with some sidewalks. Even if you have no children, for your own safety when walking or jogging, buy a home in a neighborhood where there are sidewalks. 


IS THE HOUSE TOO OUT-DATED? No house is going to be perfectly upgraded, especially if it’s a steal in price. But maybe you’re mesmerized by the beauty of the bay window, or the lovely wood floors, or how nice the house could be after you’ve gotten your DIY hands on it. Sometimes a home’s potential is its selling feature, along with the price and the promise of its beauty. But you must take a hard look at how outdated the house really is. How much will it cost to upgrade your new home? How much time will be involved if you attempt some DIY projects yourself? Are you being realistic regarding what you can accomplish, in time and budget? If you have kids, consider if you’ll have enough time away from the kids to get these projects done. Otherwise, you may end up years later with rooms still donning the hideous wallpaper because there just isn’t enough time to get the house “done.” DOES THE HOUSE HAVE ANY WEIRD ODORS? There shouldn’t be any odors that try to make the house smell “good.” You should smell very little. Homes that leave an odor means that you will be dealing with the odor when you move in, or it may be covering up other smells you don’t even realize are there until you move in. Sometimes this can be a costly problem to clear up, depending on its cause.


DOES THE GROUND SLOPE AWAY FROM THE HOUSE? Does the house sit at the top or bottom of a hill? Where does the water flow around the house? Grading is probably one of the few things people check when they go house-hunting. Don’t make this mistake! Grading that is poor and allows rain and water to sit at the home’s foundation is a recipe for flooding and water damage. Grading isn’t cheap to fix. Expect to pay upwards of $2,500 to have a professional landscaper or grading professional to regrade the entire perimeter of your home.  WHAT DO THE CARS IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD LOOK LIKE? Take a look around you. If you see broken-down cars, expect to find a broken-down neighborhood . The cars don’t have to be BMWs and Audis. But look for late model cars that look well-cared for. The quality of the cars, more so than the brand, that people drive in the neighborhood, really can tell you about the quality of a neighborhood.


WHAT ARE THE NEIGHBORS LIKE? Go up and knock on the doors of the nearby neighbors and tell them you’re planning to make an offer on the house next door or across the street. See what they say. Are they nice? Are they gossiping about the other neighbors that are moving out? Do they seem sane? What does their yard look like? Be sure to talk to all the neighbors. Do they have something negative to say about certain neighbors? Choose your neighbors wisely! HOW MUCH ARE THE UTILITIES FOR THAT HOUSE? Your usage will be different, depending on your family size and usage . There are tons of expenses you don’t even realize up front that you’ll need to pay when you move into a new house, but if you can nail down the utilities, you’re one step closer to making a wise decision. Some of these things your inspector will look for and note, but that’s after you’ve already put an offer on a house. Why get to that point? Why not note these things beforehand so you’re not wasting money on an inspection for a house that you may end up not buying anyhow? Be wise. Look for the right things, from the beginning.


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