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First Day of School Routines and Procedures:

First Day of School Routines and Procedures Mr. Robert Isaac BACK TO SCHOOL!!

Before Class Routines:

Before Class Routines The teacher will greet all students at the classroom door Each student will be given a card with their seat number written on it, and a student information sheet as they enter the classroom Students should enter class quietly and be seated in their assigned seat

Warm-Up Work!:

Warm-Up Work! Students should complete their student information sheet; then begin on the daily warm-up assignment, written on the board. The teacher will walk throughout the room taking attendance as the students work on their assignments. The teacher will collect all student information sheets

Agenda Board:

Agenda Board All class activities and assignments will be listed on the whiteboard under agenda The agenda serves as a daily update for students on what chapter we are studying, and what classwork assignments, papers, and projects we are completing


WHO AM I ? An ice-breaker exercise will be used next to allow the teacher to introduce and share some things about himself with the class, and also allow each student to do the same. ICE-BREAKER EXERCISE: 1. My name is: 2. I have ______ brother(s)/sister(s) 3. My favorite subject is: 4. My favorite hobby is:

Introduction to Classroom Rules and Procedures:

Introduction to Classroom Rules and Procedures The teacher will give each student a copy of the Classroom Rules and Procedures The teacher will begin discussing the classroom Rules and Procedures

Classroom Rules & Procedures:

Classroom Rules & Procedures Students are expected to arrive to class on time, enter quickly and quietly, and be seated in their assigned seat Students must bring all materials necessary for class each day (ex. pencil/pen, sharpener, books, paper, notebook, etc.) Students must keep their hands, feet, and other objects to themselves; and be courteous and respectful of themselves, others, and their teachers at all times. No student will be allowed to disrupt the learning of his/her classmates

Class Rules & Procedures (cont.):

Class Rules & Procedures (cont.) Students will not talk, or leave their seat without raising their hand and receiving permission from their teacher Students will not run in class, push, or engage in any type of horseplay, which may be dangerous and cause harm to other students Students are responsible for completing and turning in all assignments that are due, whether they are present or absent. When students are absent, it is their responsibility to ask for and complete any missing assignments when they return to school

Classroom Discipline/Consequences:

Classroom Discipline/Consequences Student will receive a warning for all first offenses Student will be moved to another area in the classroom for second offenses Student will be given a writing assignment to complete for disruptive behavior during class for third offense Parent will receive a phone call and/or discipline letter concerning student’s behavior for fourth offense

Classroom Discipline/Consequences (cont.):

Classroom Discipline/ Consequences (cont.) Student will be assigned after school detention for fifth offense. Teacher will request parent/teacher conference for sixth offense, and student will be ineligible for the 9 weeks incentive fieldtrip Student will be referred to office for seven or more offenses, and will receive either ISS (in-school suspension) or OSS (out-of-school suspension); depending on the severity of the infraction Students will each begin with a conduct grade of “E” for each new nine weeks grading period. The conduct grade will be assigned at the end of the nine weeks by tallying the number of classroom offenses they have, and determining the grade using a conduct rubric.

Nine Weeks Fieldtrip Incentive (Discipline):

Nine Weeks Fieldtrip Incentive (Discipline) Students with less than three discipline infractions during the nine weeks grading term will be rewarded for their good behavior by attending the incentive fieldtrip The teacher and students will discuss appropriate fieldtrip opportunities at the beginning of the school year The students will vote for four of the discussed fieldtrips, and the four fieldtrip opportunities with the most votes will be used as the discipline incentive fieldtrips for the four nine weeks grading periods

Discipline Tracking for Nine Weeks Incentive:

Discipline Tracking for Nine Weeks Incentive Classroom Discipline, Behavior, and 9 Weeks Incentive Program ( Conduct Rubric ) Date: _________________________ 1 st , 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th or more Offense Today __________________________________________ was disruptive in the following way(s) in my class:

Discipline Tracking Sheet (cont.):

Discipline Tracking Sheet (cont.) ____ Continuing to talk after a warning . ____ Continuing to be disruptive after a warning : ____ Making unnecessary outbursts / comments during class. ____ Disrespectful to teacher. ____ Disrespectful to classmates.

Discipline Tracking Sheet (cont.):

Discipline Tracking Sheet (cont.) ____ Displaying aggressive body language towards teacher or another student. ____ Continuously talking back in a disrespectful manner when corrected by teacher. ____ Student has been assigned to in-school or out - of-school suspension ; therefore , he/she is ineligible for this 9 Week’s fieldtrip.

Discipline Tracking Sheet (cont.):

Discipline Tracking Sheet (cont.) Parent Signature: __________________________________________ Student Signature: _________________________________________ Teacher Signature: _________________________________________ Date : ___________________________________

Western Hemisphere Syllabus:

Western Hemisphere Syllabus The teacher will inform the students of the purpose and requirements of the Western Hemisphere class, and will provide them with a class syllabus that will be thoroughly discussed. Western Hemisphere Studies Thematic Outline 1st Nine Weeks Geography Skills Physical Geography Human Geography

Syllabus (cont.):

Syllabus (cont.) 2nd Nine Weeks Natural Resources Government in the Western Hemisphere Canada 3rd Nine Weeks Physical Geography of Latin America Early Civilizations of Latin America Mexico and Central America

Syllabus (cont.):

Syllabus (cont.) 4th Nine Weeks The Caribbean South America Antarctica

Supply List:

Supply List 1 package of copy paper 1 composition notebook (the small black & white ones) 1 three ring binder 1 dictionary pens and pencils portable handheld pencil sharpener colored pencils

Supply List:

Supply List crayons markers glue sticks one bottle of liquid glue manila drawing paper (11in. by 14in.) scissors one ruler

Supply List:

Supply List one packet of multi-colored modeling clay watercolor paint palette with brush (should contain at least 8 colors) 1 white poster board hand sanitizer Kleenex paper towels

Notes from Home and Other Paperwork:

Notes from Home and Other Paperwork Place notes from home, or other paperwork in the teacher tray on my desk when you enter the room each day

Student Helpers:

Student Helpers The teacher will assign a new student helper each week for all class periods The student helper will be responsible for : 1. Passing out/collecting class journals 2. Collecting homework & other assignments 3 . Passing out/collecting supplies during class projects 4 . Erasing the white board


Homework Homework assignments will be written on the board under the heading Homework Please copy your homework each day in your agenda book Homework will be taken up after the warm-up each day by the student helper

Class Assignments:

Class Assignments All class assignments will be completed during class only Students will receive a class assignment grade for each assignment Class assignments will be placed in the Class A ssignment tray for your class period prior to dismissal from class

Incomplete/Late Work:

Incomplete/Late Work All incomplete work will be graded accordingly, unless the student became ill in class or was called to the office by an administrator All late work will be graded, and 10pts. per day will be subtracted from the overall grade. No late assignments will be accepted after the third day pass the original due date

Missed Work/Make-Up Work:

Missed Work/Make-Up Work If a student is absent he/she will need to check the make-up folder in the classroom labeled for his/her class period. All assignments and handouts will be placed in the appropriate folder with the students name on them. The student will have the same number of days to make up their work as the number of days missed

Grading Scale & Class Weights:

Grading Scale & Class Weights Grading Scale 100 - 90 = A 89 – 80 = B 79 – 70 = C 69 – 60 = D 59 – 0 = F Class Weights Tests & Projects = 40% Quizzes = 20% Classwork = 30% Homework = 10%

Signals to get Attention:

Signals to get Attention Please raise your hand for attention, and the teacher will call on you or come to your seat Do not get out of your seat at any time without permission from the teacher

Sharpening Pencils & Throwing Away Trash:

Sharpening Pencils & Throwing A way Trash All students need to use their personal pencil sharpener, that should be purchased from your supply list All trash may be thrown away at the end of class when you are dismissed, unless we are doing class projects. You may use the trash once during class projects, and at the end of class upon dismissal

Restroom Break Transition:

Restroom Break Transition The class will be escorted to the bathroom by the teacher each day after we have completed attendance, warm-up, and taken up homework Students will be called by rows to line up on the right-side of the hallway QUIETLY Four students will enter the restroom at a time, and one student will enter as each student exits. Students exiting the bathroom will use the water fountain, and then line up on the opposite side of the hallway

Restroom Breaks (cont.):

Restroom Breaks (cont.) No talking, horseplay, or touching will be permitted in the hallway or bathrooms Failure to adhere to these rules will result in classroom discipline action

Lunch Transition:

Lunch Transition We will go to lunch each day at our designated lunch time (11:30 a.m.) Students will line-up on the right-side of the hallway, and will quietly walk to the cafeteria We are assigned a specific table at lunch, and will need to sit at this table each day (Table # 7)

Lunch (cont.):

Lunch (cont.) You have 20 minutes to eat lunch once everyone is seated at the lunch table Get everything you want from the lunch line before you come to the lunch table No one will be allowed to leave the lunch table once they are seated After lunch you will line-up, and quietly walk back to the classroom

What to do if you feel Sick:

What to do if you feel Sick If you feel sick at anytime during class, please inform the teacher immediately The teacher will write you a pass to the office to call your parents, and will also allow you to go see the school nurse.

Housekeeping Chores:

Housekeeping Chores Each student is responsible for keeping his/her area around their desk clean, and clutter free. Place all trash in the garbage before leaving Do not throw paper, trash, pencil shavings, etc. on the floor, or leave it on the desk Shared areas of the room should be kept tidy and clean.

Housekeeping Chores (cont.):

Housekeeping Chores (cont.) If you use materials, or supplies in the shared area make sure that you return them to their original place for others to use later The white board will be erased and cleaned once a week by the student helper in the last class period At no time during the year should any student touch items/materials on the teacher’s desk without permission


Textbooks Textbooks will be issued to all students two weeks after the first day of school Students who have book or other school fines will not be issued a textbook Please clear all fines with the financial secretary, and bring a copy of your receipt to receive your textboks

Assigned Seats:

Assigned Seats Each student will be assigned a seat in class You are to sit in your assigned seat at all times, unless the teacher has given you permission to change seats.


Lockers Students will be assigned a locker when they are assigned their textbooks All students will have 3 minutes between the change of class to go to their lockers Using your locker is not an excuse to be late to class. If you are late, you will be marked tardy.

Tardy Policy:

Tardy Policy Students who are late to class will need to have a note from a teacher, parent, or the office with the reason for the tardy If no note is furnished, then the student will be given a tardy After the third tardy, the student will be assigned after-school detention from 3:00-4:00p.m. Failure to attend the after-school tardy will result in an office referral

Agenda Books:

Agenda Books The school will provide each student with an agenda book on the first day of school Agenda books are to be brought to class each day, and all homework, class assignments, tests, and projects need to be recorded as assigned by teacher Agenda books will be checked monthly, and an agenda grade will be given on that day

Journal Books:

Journal Books Each student will need a journal book for the Western Hemisphere class (part of your supply list) All class warm-up assignments at the beginning of class need to be written in your class journal book Class Journals will be collected by the teacher, and graded every two weeks

Heading Your Paper:

Heading Your Paper Students will head all assignments as follows: Name: ________________ Date: __________ Class Period: _______ Assignment: ________________

Completing assignments:

Completing assignm ents All assignments need to be completed in blue or black pen only Please write legibly, or your work will not be graded if I can not read it. You may write on the back of your loose-leaf paper if needed If writing on a worksheet, and you need more room continue the assignment on a piece of loose-leaf paper, not on the back of the worksheet paper Staple any extra loose-leaf paper together or to the worksheet


Dismissal Students will be dismissed at the ringing of the bell in an orderly fashion The teacher will call on each row, and dismiss the students No running, pushing, talking, or horseplay during dismissal; otherwise classroom discipline action will occur

Question/Answer Session:

WHAT’S Your Question??? Question/ Answer Session

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