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From 2004 to 2015, Robert Bertel worked for a start-up, providing Smoothie King Franchise stores on military bases. They were the 1st SK franchisee to get into contracts with the military. They grew from two stores in FL to nine state-of-the-art SK franchises on seven military bases in TX, FL, AL, GA, and KY. Bertel left the business in 2015, turning operation over to its current management team.


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Robert Bertel Smoothie Sailing, LLC


Robert Bertel Bertel Shipping Co. Robert Bertel has been with Bertel Shipping Co. since 1978. It is a vessel agency specializing in the attendance of tankers actively involved in the chemical, oil, vegetable oil, molasses, and caustic soda trades worldwide. They have grown from 40-ships in the first year of operation to handling over 250 vessel calls throughout the US Gulf.


Robert Bertel Once a Start Up Bertel Shipping Co. was once a startup run by Robert Bertel. Now, it actively manages the daily movements of 250 plus vessels in/out of the ports of the eastern US Gulf. The company has received independent certification from the Maine Maritime Academy for the shore-side handling of chemical tankers in US ports. They are recognized as one of the only independent agencies providing this level of service.


Robert Bertel Coal Traders of Grand Turk Island From 1976 to 1978, Robert Bertel worked with the Coal Traders of Grand Turk Island. It was a start up venture with a Norwegian investor; actively participated in the negotiation of several export coal contracts in excess of 1 million tons per year to Finland, Taiwan, and Norway. This experience served a crucial role in providing Bertel with the skills to open his own business.


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