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Aircom IQ :

Aircom IQ 3G Optimization using Drive Test Data

Possible Optimisation Processes:

Possible Optimisation Processes Overshooting Cells\ Pilot Overshooting Pilot Pollution Poor Coverage Levels (Poor Dominance) Interfering Coverage Pilot Surprise Missing Neighbours

Overshooting Cells\ Pilot Overshooting:

Overshooting Cells\ Pilot Overshooting Overshooting refers to excess coverage levels\range of a cell, i.e. Cell pilot power is detected far ( how far? ) from its origin Cell pilot power is detected beyond first\second tier neighbouring sites Overshooting Cells can be detected by the following logic For every measurement point, calculate the distance ( to all detected cell ) and the average distance Report on those cells which are above or X times the average distance Further enhancements can be made by considering Different distance criteria based on site density\area type, e.g. mean distance < 1km overshooting cells three times the average distance mean distance > 1km overshooting cells two times the average distance Only consider measurement points having three or more detected cells A cell has to appear at least X number of times to be considered as over overshooting

Overshooting Cells- RNC TBRNC10 Cluster 327:

Overshooting Cells- RNC TBRNC10 Cluster 327 Scrambling Code # detected MS-1 Scrambling Code # detected-MS-3 307 53 307 8 84 48 84 21 46 31 46 1 91 29 91 1 260 22 260 13 17 19 17 10 47 11 47 4

Overshooting SC 307 (Appeared 57 times):

Overshooting SC 307 ( Appeared 57 times )

Overshooting SC 84 (Appeared only 20 times):

Overshooting SC 84 ( Appeared only 20 times )

Overshooting SC 86 (Appeared only 4 times):

Overshooting SC 86 ( Appeared only 4 times )

Overshooting SC 260 (Appeared only 22 times):

Overshooting SC 260 ( Appeared only 22 times )

Overshooting SC 260 (does not make sense):

Overshooting SC 260 ( does not make sense )

Pilot Pollution:

Pilot Pollution Pilot pollution can defined as the regions where the number of detected cells are greater than the Active Set (AS )size and also above the AS activation Ec /Io threshold Pilot polluters can be detected by the following logic Only consider those measurement points where the number of detected cells > 3 Further filter the measurement points where all cells are detected above an Ec /Io threshold of X dB (-12) and not below Y dB (e.g. 10) of that of the best cell Measurement points extracted by the above criteria contain the pilot pollution information, i.e. the first three cells belong to active set and rest pilot polluters