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Typical Development: 3-4 year olds:

Typical Development: 3-4 year olds Presented by: Robert Babek

Gross Motor Skills:

Gross Motor Skills Hops and stands on one foot up to five seconds 1,3 Ascends/descends stairs without support 1,3 Kicks ball forward 1,3 Throws ball overhand 1,3 Catches bounced ball most of the time 1,3 Moves forward and backward with agility 1,3 http:// / wp -content/uploads/2015/03/kids-featured- image.jpg

Gross Motor Skills :

Gross Motor Skills http:// / wp -content/uploads/2013/07/iStock_000018532218XSmall.jpg https:// /2016/03/o-children-playing- facebook.jpg http:// / wp -content/uploads/2014/03/kv-istock-2251471.jpg http:// /uploads/5/2/5/4/52548569/7937210_orig.jpg shutterstock /videos/4281584/thumb/1.jpg

Fine Motor Skills:

Fine Motor Skills Copies square shapes 1 Draws a person with two to four body parts 1 Uses scissors 1,3 Draws circles and squares 1,3 Begins to copy some capital letters 1,3 Build things using blocks 3 sergein /sergein1204/sergein120400058/13024763-Two-children-are-playing-on-the-floor-together-isolated-on-the-white-background-Stock-Photo.jpg

Fine Motor Skills:

Fine Motor Skills http:// / wp -content/uploads/2015/07/Fine-Motor- Fun.jpg http:// /blog/ wp -content/uploads/2011/08/handwriting1.jpg http:// /ls-1200x630/ cme / cme_public_images / www_livestrong_com / / getty /article/94/225/134162493_XS.jpg http:// / wp -content/uploads/pom-pom-trasnfer-with-clothespins-1.jpg


Cognition Correctly names some colors 1,3 Understands the concept of counting and may know a few numbers 1,3 Approaches problems from a single point of view 1 Begins to have a clearer sense of time 1 Follows three-part commands 1 Recalls parts of a story 1,3 Understands the concept of same/different 1,3 Engages in fantasy play 1 dbXSGZMMwXU /UZZuhL0-mwI/AAAAAAAAAFs/ ej_LrhNw_iU /s1600/barleans_15-8.jpg


Cognition http:// / wp -content/uploads/2014/04/Learning-About-Rainbows-Sorting-Cereal-with- Kids.jpg http:// / wp -content/uploads/2013/09/DSC03235.jpg http:// //filer/Phenom-Childred-Play-631.jpg__800x600_q85_crop.jpg https:// /2014/04/ why.jpg https:// /2011/06/asking- question.jpg

Self-Care/Everyday Skills:

Self-Care/Everyday Skills More independent 3 Dresses and undresses 1,3 Feed themselves 3 Hygeine 3 Going to the bathroom 3 Washing hands and face 3 http:// /sites/ /files/styles/width_200/public/images/550_102045471.jpg

Self-Care/Everyday Skills :

Self-Care/Everyday Skills http:// / ls -slideshow-main-image/ cme / cme_public_images / www_livestrong_com / /upload/image/BC/B4/F111214A-11C2-4EC3-B2CC-C3A6AD3AB4BC/F111214A-11C2-4EC3-B2CC-C3A6AD3AB4BC.jpg http:// / wp -content/uploads/2012/03/ CareNow -Teaching-Children-to-Wash-Hands- Properly.jpg

Communication :

Communication Hearing and understanding: Hears you when you call from another room 2 Hears television or radios at the same loudness level as other family members 2 Understands words for some colors, like red, blue, and green 2 Understands words for some shapes, like circle and square 2 Understands words for family, like brother, grandmother, and aunt 2 http:// /gif/getting-children-to-listen-360x240.jpg

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