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HIV & AIDS: South Eastern Asia : 

HIV & AIDS: South Eastern Asia Emily C. Robbins

Terms : 

Terms HIV AIDS Antiretroviral drugs UNIFEM PANI

How do women get HIV? : 

How do women get HIV? unprotected sex drug use by injection sex between men mother to child

HIV by Country : 

HIV by Country first case of AIDS in 1986 ¼ of HIV infections are women 1/3 of them are under age 30

Thailand : 

Thailand less than half of HIV occurs in women first country to use antiretroviral drugs highest HIV rate

Burma : 

Burma less than half of HIV infections are women more than a quarter of sex workers tested positive less than half of drug users tested positive

Cambodia : 

Cambodia 1/3 of infections are women 2nd highest rate of HIV in Asia primary method of transmission: sexual contact

Vietnam : 

Vietnam 1/3 of women are infected infection doubled from 2000-2005

Laos : 

Laos ¼ of infections are women condom use is high infections occur outside the country a small portion of sex workers tested had HIV

HIV & AIDS in America : 

HIV & AIDS in America most represented group is African American women 2/3 of women are low income 300,000 women have HIV

HIV on the rise : 

HIV on the rise 1985- 8% of women 1995- 20% of women 2000- 27% of women

Similarities : 

Similarities ¾ of women receive HIV through a partner ¼ through drug use with needles lack of antiretroviral drugs mother to child

Most infected states : 

Most infected states New York California Florida

Women helping Women : 

Women helping Women age 34 volunteers at local hospital Raks Thai Foundation with UNIFEM goals of organization

Slide 15: 

Catholic Relief Services – PANI in 2004 PANI’s goals new phase of PANI

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