Enhancing Your Home Loan Eligibility

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Home Loans :

Home Loans

Enhancing Your Home Loan Eligibility:

Enhancing Your Home Loan Eligibility


Your loan eligibility determines whether your loan application will be approved or not and if approved, the amount of loan that is likely to be sanctioned. It is based on a comprehensive assessment of your credit worthiness, which depends on your income and debt repayment ability


Joint application: As income is a primary criterion, you could consider making a joint home loans application. Any other earning family member (including spouse, sibling or parent) can become a co-applicant for the loan. In this case, as the clubbed income level would be higher, the loan eligibility would also be higher.


Repaying other obligations: Lenders also consider your existing borrowings before approving a loan. With access to a central database updated by all lenders, each lender can find out about your existing debt level. If your existing borrowings are high, it could affect your eligibility to avail further loans. Therefore, to enhance your eligibility, it is wise to reduce your other loan obligations before applying for a home loan. [Source : http://www.itsallaboutmoney.com/banking-products/loans/enhancing-your-home-loan-eligibility/]


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