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RntUS is a mobile and online rental marketplace currently in Los Angeles where people are able to rent just about anything from tools and equipment, to party supplies and camping gear. Users are provided with the location of the item, they are able to read and post reviews, pay for the rental, buy insurance and arrange for pick up or delivery of the item. Users of RntUS will find what they are looking for from their smartphones at anytime. RntUS is using the rise of the sharing economy, to bring the person-to-person rental industry to a user-friendly platform, as well as create a new marketplace and low cost access to consumers for companies in the rental business. In addition, RntUS provides a safe peer-to-peer income opportunity for individuals. Some of our categories: Party rentals Events rentals Tools rentals Equipment rentals Construction Equipment rentals Photo rentals Film rentals Audio rentals Video rentals Video equipment rentals Computers rentals Office Equipment rentals Sports rentals Leisure & Art rentals Time Shares rentals Vacation Rentals Movies rental Vehicle Rental - Recreational vehicle rental Truck Rental


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: ________________ Rntus.com 818-296-9344 info@chavando.com


LOS ANGELES, MARCH 15, 2016 – We adjusted our clocks for daylight savings time this past weekend. We had a couple of much needed rain falls and we are getting ready for a productive spring. Time to do some spring cleaning around the house and perhaps start planning a nice summer vacation. But how can we afford it ? According to a recent survey conducted on social media by Applied Marketing Strategies, the average American Family has about $5,000 dollars in tools, equipment and toys in their garages and storage units. During spring cleaning we think about selling things that we don’t use in a garage sale or eBay. The drawback, letting an item go for pennies on the dollar. Families either keep their items one more year or lose precious cash in a quick sale. TOP 3 TIPS FOR MAKING SPRING CLEANING PROFITABLE

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Nothing throws cold water on a productive spring-cleaning mood faster than realizing that selling used items is not the most effective way to clear space in their garage. Once items are sold, they are gone and so is the money spent when you bought them new. So remember these important tips to ensure your spring cleaning is productive and profitable: Never sell tools – Your neighbors are building, fixing or starting a new project right now. That reciprocating saw that you don’t use and you paid $200 for could be rented for $50 per day. You only need to rent it four times to recuperate your investment and you still have it in case you need it. Remember if you sell it in a garage sale you are probably are only going to get $50 for it and never see it again . Toys are great money makers – From the battery operated go-kart you bought for your 4 year-old, the jet ski you used twice, to the RV parked in your back yard, people around you are always looking for those. Clean them, check to make sure they are in safe working conditions and list them for rent. Who knows, perhaps in 5 years once your kids are in college you feel like going back to the lake and give that jet ski another shot. You will have the money to do it too.

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Cameras and electronic equipment are big money makers. Digital cameras are the new trend, and people are also looking for the old-fashioned 35mm cameras to shoot a project on film. You would be surprised at how many people have old VHS tapes and are looking for a VCR to see them again. And, it may come as a surprise to many, but vinyl record players are in, again. Get your old electronic equipment ready and list it for rent. You will be making money now and keep your equipment for as long as you can. Anything you bought for more than $100, stays – Depreciation applies to almost everything we buy. Once the package is opened and the item is used, even if you use it only once, its value goes down faster than you can blink. There are millions of people around you that are looking for that same item and only need it temporarily. Clean it, test it and get it ready to be shared with your neighbors for a profit. Take advantage of the Sharing Economy. Create your own rental business – Look around you. You will see rented stuff everywhere. Tools, tables, chairs, cameras, RVs, equipment, jet skies, snow skies. You can become a rent-lord and have your own rental business with the stuff you already own and don’t use often. Rntus.com provides you with an internet platform to easily list your items for rent. The listings are free so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you rent an item, Rntus.com keeps a small percentage as a processing fee. What are you waiting for? Become a Rent-lord and start making money today, tomorrow, again and again.

About Rntus.com:

Rntus.com is a marketplace where you can make money and keep making money by renting out items you own without letting them go (forever). So, if you need extra money for that vacation, to payoff loans or just to keep being awesome (with extra money, in your pocket), take a look around your house, your garage, your attic, and your storage locker. List your items for rent, make money, make new friends and have fun. For Renters What you need to get it done is at Rntus.com. If you need to complete a project, you need items for your vacation, or feel in the mood for trying a new hobby without spending money to buy equipment, with Rntus you can try it before you buy it. At Rntus.com you are able to rent just about anything from tools and equipment, to party supplies, photo and video gear, medical equipment and sporting gear. Just about Anything. For owners Up to now, you could either let your items collect dust, or sell them for pennies on the dollar and they are gone forever. With Rntus.com you keep making money every time you rent them and you still own and can use them anytime you need. You know that old saying of "having your cake and eating it too?". With Rntus.com, you can have your treasures and be wealthier too! Become a Rent-lord today! Listing your items is free. There is no limit as to how many items you can list. You don't require a business license. Just your willingness to be awesome, accommodate the simple needs of your renters, sit back and see your bank account grow. About Rntus.com

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14431 Ventura Blvd. , #232,  Los Angeles , CA 91423 (818) 296-9344 rntus.com Rntus.com is available online at https://www.rntus.com and the Rntus.com mobile app is available for iOS on the iTunes store. Contact US

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