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Learning Evironment:

Learning Evironment By Rita Leets Last updated November 2011

Welcome & Introduction:

Welcome & Introduction Sets Tone Introduce Yourself Provide Your Background Level of Expertise Acknowledge & Welcome


Icebreakers They Acquaint Positive Atmosphere Think Outside the Box


Housekeeping Instructions Phone Water Bathrooms Breaks Food Emergency Exits

Ground Rules:

Ground Rules Addressing Difficult Questions Getting off the Subject Encouraging participation Keeping order

Addressing Difficult Questions:

Addressing Difficult Questions Answer Directly Defer the Question to Students in the Class Assign the Question to the Parking Lot Re-direct the Question

Getting Off the Subject:

Getting Off the Subject Direct to the group Related to Subject


Participation Positive Reinforcement Be Direct Make Eye Contact

Keeping Order:

Keeping Order Sidebar Advanced Students Open-ended Questions

The End:

The End

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