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This is a NASA paper airplane engineering project to teach the Bernoulli Effect regarding flight and design. Fit for Grade 3-12. Students can keep data on which airplane models were easier to build and which flew the longer distance. Students will learn about the Bernoulli "Effect" Principle from the Bill Nye YouTube video on" Flight".


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Bernoulli “Effect” Principle Project NASA Engineering Lesson: Aircraft Design Flight Grade 3 EMPHASIS ON: • PEER TO PEER TUTORING • USAGE OF THE IPAD Daniel Bernoulli Paper Airplane Design Tests Developed by Reba Gordon Matthews – PD Free 4 Teachers Twitter: jghfoundation08

slide 2: NASA Engineering Lesson: Aircraft Design Flight Bernoulli “Effect” Principle Project Grade 3

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“The Engineering Design Process” A Quick Lesson about the Bernoulli Effect Test Evaluate Introduce students to the Bernoulli Effect via the Bill Nye video “Flight” • Tell the students that they will be conducting a series of flight experiments in which they will explore the Bernoulli Principle. Allow each student to select different models of plane from Future Flight Design page: • To gain a concrete understanding of the Bernoulli Effect • To test the flying distance between the different paper models • Student will participate in the engineering design process as they test their planes.

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“The Design Process” Engineering Project Brainstorm Identify Problem Design Share Solution Redesign Build Test Evaluate

slide 5: Design Change Lesson from Teacher 1st Flight Test Unsuccessful – Design Issues NASA Engineering Lesson: Aircraft Design Flight

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I will try this. So far this the 8 th plane. Make mine please. NASA Engineering Lesson: Aircraft Design Flight Redesigning

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NASA Engineering Lesson: Aircraft Design Flight Peer to Peer Help Why not videotape it Students can learn from peer tutorials. Camera App

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2nd Flight Test Successful with the help from their peers NASA Engineering Lesson: Aircraft Design Flight

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Student Driving Their Own Learning After some research the students found additional plane making tutorials: •

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