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This is a staff deveopment presentation given to teachers K-5 on various FREE technology tools that can enhance their teaching,


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Very informative! Thank you. n- Lee Beatty

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Suitcase Full of Technology Resources:

Suitcase Full of Technology Resources

PowerPoint Presentation:

Review Agenda and Handouts

Teacher Web Tools:

Teacher Web Tools

Tools 4 Teachers (Part 2):

Tools 4 Teachers (Part 2) Website Website Slides 5 -7 Website

PowerPoint Presentation:

FREE!! FREE!! VERY EASY online storage service Allow access to your files from ANYWHERE (Internet) 2 GB of storage (Get 25 MB more free space when you refer anyone) EASIEST way to sync your files to all your computers Local Copy of Files on all your linked computers Add/Change/Delete files on (1) computer = Updates on all your computers/ Internet Storage Drag A File in local Dropbox folder = =Updates on all your computers/ Internet Storage

PowerPoint Presentation: 2 min-16 sec (video clip) Teacher Tool # 1 FREE!! FREE!! Homework Assignments / Reminders Field Trip Notification / Reminder Parent Conference Reminders Upcoming Classroom Events Returning Important Forms Calls to Specific Students Special School-Wide Events STOPS PHONE TAGGING

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FREE Service Option !!

PowerPoint Presentation:

Your Contacts

PowerPoint Presentation:

Your Recorded Messages

PowerPoint Presentation:

Create a Recording Use Your Voice to Record Type and Use Automated Voice

PowerPoint Presentation:

Call Reports

PowerPoint Presentation:

Report of Your Last Call Detailed Report of Your Last Call

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Home Screen

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Need More Info OR Support?? VIEW their Video Tutorials

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$$ Optional Plan Why? Need a longer message DUE TO ITS IMPORTANCE

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Quick Demonstration (if time) Carmin Meghann Ruth

PowerPoint Presentation:

Online Gradebook Online Assignment Calendar Instant Progress Reports Online Attendance Book Parent Login (View Child ’ s Report) Engrade Watch about 2 minutes worth

PowerPoint Presentation:

Create Your Own Online Content Using Quia

PowerPoint Presentation:

Teacher Webpage No Student Login Required Create Classes/Class Roster Generate Reports Create Activities Create Quizzes Class Calendar Reports Develop Surveys

Quia Web:

Quia Web

Jing Records Voice and Screen Movements:

FREE Service Option !! Jing Records Voice and Screen Movements

Web Conferencing:

Web Conferencing Free Website Services Record Lessons Use for Grade Level Mtgs Collaborate w/ Peers Off-Campus Recorded Staff Developments Collaborate w/ Other Classrooms Share Lessons/Projects

Math Playground:

Math Playground

National Library Virtual Manipulatives:

National Library Virtual Manipulatives

K-2 Reading Site: K-2 Reading Site

MIT’s LifeLong Kindergarten :

MIT ’ s LifeLong Kindergarten /

Pen Pals & Fostering Diversity:

Pen Pals & Fostering Diversity ePals

More Teacher Tools (Handouts ):

More Teacher Tools (Handouts ) Online Stopwatch Typing Programs Kid Keys 2.0 (on site) Mat Typing (BBC) – Website Mavis Beacon (on site – Needs District Upload) Spelling City Magic Pen NASA Kids Zoomschool CNN Student News Science Channel

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