Introduction to Google Android Platform

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android is now the best plafrom for mobile this because it simple platform and fully open android introduction take few days to strat doing cool stuff , more on that at and some other tablet pc android tips

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its useful

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Presentation Transcript : Introduction to Google Android

Operating System : 

Operating System Android OS Android is an Operating System for mobile devices Mobile Device

Linux Kernel : 

Linux Kernel Android OS Android is based on Linux kernel Mobile Device Linux

Google : 

Google Google developed Android. Google Open Hanset Alliance

OHA : 

OHA It was improved further by Open Handset Alliance. Google Open Handset Alliance

Unveiled : 

Unveiled Android platform was unveiled on 5th Nov 2007. Google Open Handset Alliance 05-NOV-07

Open Source Lincese : 

Open Source Lincese Most of the code was released under open source license. Google Open Handset Alliance Open source license

OHA : 

OHA Unveiling was announced with the foundation of OHA Google Open Handset Alliance OHA

47 Firms : 

47 Firms Open Handset Alliance (OHA)? is an alliance of 47 companies. Google Open Handset Alliance 47 firms

47 Firms : 

47 Firms Companies include: Google, HTC, Intel, Motorola, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, Samsung, LG, T-Mobile, Nvidia and Wind River Systems Google Open Handset Alliance

Open Standards : 

Open Standards The mission is develop open standards for mobile devices. Google Open Handset Alliance To develop open standards

Java : 

Java Android allows developer to write managed code in Java. Mobile Device Linux Android Managed code in Java

Libraries : 

Libraries Code controls the device using Google developed Java libraries. Mobile Device Linux Android Managed code in Java Libraries

Promise : 

Promise Android promises to change the face of the mobile phone world.

Promise : 

Promise Google hopes to imitate what they did with web-based applications such as Google Docs and Calendar in getting users to switch to their software. : To free tutorials on Google Android Application Development Please visit:

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