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Encountering Love:

Encountering Love The Experience of the Body and the Revelation of Love

The Body Manifests the Person:

The Body Manifests the Person We began by saying that the key difference between man and the rest of visible creation is… WONDER! Through the richness of our experience of life…especially the experience of love. What role does the body play in this many-faceted experience of wonder?

Experience and Meaning:

Experience and Meaning From the moment we’re conceived, our life is full of experiences. Many times they (experiences) happen so quickly, we’re hardly aware of them. All these many life experiences are valuable only to the extent to which we determine the meaning of the experience. So, the question becomes: Are we capable of distinguishing between experiences that build up our happiness and experiences that tear it down? Are we able to discern in our experiences something like a compass for life’s journey? Are capable of perceiving the meaning of our experiences?

Experience and Meaning:

Experience and Meaning When man experiences the world, he necessarily experiences himself in the process. For example, the sight of a majestic mountainscape doesn’t just reveal the wonder of creation; it also affords us an opportunity to lay hold of our innate capacity for beauty and wonder.

Experience and Meaning:

Experience and Meaning Experience always goes together with a search for meaning. Even the refusal to embark on this search is an answer to the question of meaning. So, can there be some primordial experience or experiences which can bring us to the true depth of our human experience?

The Original Experience:

The Original Experience Christ Himself invites us to seek the true depth of our experience! See Matthew 19:3-9…”but it was not like this from the beginning.” This speaks volumes about man’s alienation from the root of his experience of love.

The Original Experience:

The Original Experience Christ came among us to show us the way to retrieve and fulfill this root of love…and so, the Pharisees are invited to reread the creation accounts in the Book of Genesis. Christ invited the Pharisees…AND US!...to recover the depth of our experience in the mirror of God’s original intention for human love. Let’s take a look at the creation narratives.

First Creation Narrative:

First Creation Narrative Genesis contains two creation narratives: Genesis 1:1-2:3 Genesis 2:4-3:24 Let’s look at the first narrative. A beautifully rich tapestry of creation with all of its color and variety. Man is placed at the summit of the whole created world. Underscored is man’s special and unique privilege of being made in the imago Dei …the image and likeness of God.

First Creation Narrative:

First Creation Narrative Imago Dei…”image and likeness” Signals the beginning of a covenant between God and man Tells us that from the beginning man is the one to whom God addresses His Word… And whose special status lies in his capacity to ANSWER this divine call

First Creation Narrative:

First Creation Narrative But how man is meant to respond to the creator is left to the second creation narrative.

Second Creation Narrative:

Second Creation Narrative Genesis 2:4-3:24 In the first creation narrative, we hear God’s voice. In the second creation narrative, we begin to hear man’s answering voice. As man speaks, he begins to reveal his interior world. The account does not just present man from the outside; It presents the human journey of wonderment from man’s own point of view.

The Original Experiences:

The Original Experiences Man’s “original experience” begins to unfold: Original Solitude Original Unity Original Nakedness In reality, these experiences are not just “original” because they somehow relate to the beginning of human history. Rather, they are “original experiences” because they lie at the basis of every other experience and provide the “theme” for what becomes our lives!

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