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Do you think these original perfumes from Versace are not affordable on your pocket? Find a wide range of pocket-friendly designer colognes for men by Versace at RK Health & Beauty Palace only. Place your order now for the best cologne deals on the internet!


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From the manufacturer of high end luxury garments & accessories comes another addition that’ll definitely delight the fashion lovers, the Versace cologne. Versace men’s cologne is available in several different aromas, all of which are manly and  sophisticated. Most men will discover that there’s a Versace Man’s cologne available that will suit their requirements. Majority of the colognes accessible from Versace are reasonably priced, making them appropriate for just about any type of budget. Let’s talk about a few popular Versace cologne brands for men.

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Versace Man Eau Fraiche This Versace cologne features a marine touch which provides immediate freshness & makes you feel absolutely confident. The reviving essence reminds you of summer and  sunshine, and the woodsy notes add to its fine grace.  People, who like the accolade of being ‘cool’, would certainly like this aroma. It’s ideal to put on at a beach. 

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If you are presently searching for a scent for casual wear, you may wish to check out this perfume. It  has a sweet and clean fragrance like summer. Spraying on this cologne will offer the passion you require for a long-day at the work. It has a generic touch, like the day wear perfumes that a lot of women like. Nevertheless, the notes blend in some of the best and uncommon fragrances, ideal for everyday wear.  Versace Pour Homme

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If you are searching for the manliest fragrance of this popular brand, you would love to buy Eros by Versace. This perfume was inspired by Greek legends, and  is named after the son of goddess Aphrodite. The aroma reveals unimpeded passion which intensifies desire. The perfumer had stated that this perfume avails with a mixture of fresh, oriental and  woody essences. This cologne is yet another great summer wear, but you wear it for all occasions – from everyday work to romantic dates. You would also love to know that Eros has been reviewed to be long lasting and  have quite a heavy sillage .  Versace Eros

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For romantic souls, Dreamer by Versace is a perfect option. Artists, painters, readers and writers or any other individual looking to display the intellectual side of their personality would love to wear this particular cologne from Versace. It starts off with a sweet touch and  ends with warm woodiness. This can be worn with casual wear and  is perfect for the winter. This perfume is among the long lasting fragrances offered by Versace which makes it ideal for guys who like stronger aromas.  Dreamer by Versace

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