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Organic SEO Strategies:

Organic SEO Strategies Best methods for the optimal SEO strategies development and implementation


Introduction About me, Web3 and SEO industry

About Me:

About Me Internet Marketer SEO Expert Enterpreuneur Climber Marathoner Chess player      Radek Kotlarek Web3 Founder

Innovative Online Marketing Solutions:

Innovative Online Marketing Solutions   Web3: Innovative & International Search Marketing Company Online Marketing Solutions Provider World recognized experts and authorities Facebook Marketing Tools: fbTagger, fbAttack, fbTarget Partnerships with companies on the entire globe Modern, results driven approach

SEO as primary marketing strategy for business:

SEO as primary marketing strategy for business One of the most talked techniques One of the fastest growing industries Almost all online business do SEO 70% of offline businesses will be using Google local service (2012) Mashable predicts 16% growth of Search Marketing industry in 2011  

Google Trends for SEO in Ireland:

Google Trends for SEO in Ireland Trend for SEO services is growing, this is what every business needs today

Advanced Keywords Research:

Advanced Keywords Research The most important part and the key to success

Importance of Keywords Research:

Importance of Keywords Research The most important part of any online marketing campaign If you start optimizing for 'SEO' you will waste your money Long tail keywords strategy Get enough time to get it done properly and you will see fast return!  

Advanced Keyword Research Tools:

Advanced Keyword Research Tools                 Google Keywords Tools (classic) Manual Research (intitle:, site:) Google Wheel Marketer Tools: Market Samurai

What actually are Long Tail Keywords?:

What actually are Long Tail Keywords? expansion of a core, generic, high volume keyword phrase to include numerous combinations and permutations of the keywords and their associated or relevant phrases. individually they are unlikely to account for a great deal of searches but when taken as a whole, can provide significant targeted traffic that convert well.  unlikely ever to exceed searches for a brand name if the brand name is reasonably well established the volume of converting traffic these terms can generate by nature of their specificity and relevance is worth investigating. very effective - there is little competition for most of these keywords on major search engines.   source: Wikipedia

Onsite Content Optimisation:

Onsite Content Optimisation Content is Your Product Content is what brings attention of visitors, leads, customers

Content is the king:

Content is the king It has been a known fact for a long time Any SEO efforts will be waste of money if content is of poor quality Content is not any longer text only Media rich - audio, video, images, podcasts, presentations, pdf's, press releases, articles

#1 HTML Tag:

#1 HTML Tag <title> is the most powerful HTML tag In some cases proper implementation of it allows to get top10 rankings without a single backlink  

Meta Tags:

Meta Tags The only important meta tag is <meta description>     You can skip any other meta. And I am deadly serious.

Google Is Blind!:

Google Is Blind!     Remember, Google can't see your images!  Use keywords in filenames! Use ALT tag to insert your long tail keywords!

Use Hyperlinks on your website :

Use Hyperlinks on your website Internal links on your website are the first backlinks search spider will see!   Think carefully about navigation and where you place hyperlinks in content.   Use your keywords in the hyper links  

Link Building Strategies:

Link Building Strategies The optimal strategies to get high quality relevant links to your website

Standard Link Building Methods:

Standard Link Building Methods Classic and still very effective link building strategies include:   Manual Directories Submission  Contextual Link Building Niche Blog Creation  Blog comments Forum profiles   They still work very well and you should include in your SEO strategy!

Niche Blogs Creation:

Niche Blogs Creation Strong Footer Links (gives a backlink from every page) Additional monetization of traffic through affiliate marketing

Are you ready for the next big step?:

Are you ready for the next big step? Social Media Search Optimisation is on its way!

SEO + Social Media =  Authority * Influance :

SEO + Social Media =  Authority * Influance

Web 2.0 Properties in Link Building:

Web 2.0 Properties in Link Building Create links people will talk about and share in social media! Imagine the power of a strong link multiplied by hundrends of social platforms and then multiplied again by the amount of users of these platforms. This is one of the most effective strategies nowadays!  

How to do social media link building?:

How to do social media link building?   Social Bookmarking Squidoo Lenses  Example Lens about organic SEO Hub pages  Example HubPage about Social Media Add Facebook functionality (next slide) Add Tweetmeme functionality Allow people to share content from your website

How can Facebook drive more traffic?:

How can Facebook drive more traffic?   Facebook is not only your fanpage! Add Facebook commenting facility to your blog. This way each comment is seen by hundrends of people on Facebook! Great way of promotion through Viral Marketing!

Create and maintain Link Wheels:

Create and maintain Link Wheels Take a few Web 2.0 properties and connect them into a wheel. Squidoo Tumblr Hubpages Youtube Flickr Wordpress      Google loves Link Wheels and they help you achieve search engines domination!

RSS Promotion and Distribution:

RSS Promotion and Distribution What's this hype about  RSS marketing all about? Do you remember we said  content is your product? Like any product, it needs  proper promotion but more importantly  proper distribution. If you have a good content,  embedded good internal links,  RSS is your best friend! Let others distribute and reuse your content, it is only with benefit for you! Google will see your content as attractive and will give it better rankings.

How you can promote RSS feeds:

How you can promote RSS feeds Add to RSS directories Allow visitors for email subscriptions to your feeds Add sharing ability to your RSS, it is extremaly easy (check out addthis) Create as many RSS as you can - different RSS for categories, articles, indyvidual RSS for comments      

Traffic sources and measurement:

Traffic sources and measurement How to diverse traffic sources and how to measure your SEO performance

Diversed Traffic Sources:

Diversed Traffic Sources #1 Tip: Never rely on just one traffic source   Have different traffic sources: Google, Facebook, Digg, RSS, PDFs Securing traffic from multiple sources  secures your business. Google Panda update suprised many website owners. You never know what can suprise you and you want to build a stable business. Well planned SEO campaign is a long term investment!

You can't manage  what you can't measure:

You can't manage  what you can't measure Measure traffic Google Analytics   Measure backlinks Yahoo Siteexplorer   Measure rankings  Advanced Web Rankings   Issues with your website? Google Webmaster Tools

Measure Your Social Media:

Measure Your Social Media There is nothing worse than lack of knowledge of what people talk about your brand or product Use the basic tools Google Alerts Post Rank   Twitter: See how many people retweet your content Facebook: Track the number of people who like your fanpage  

Development of good SEO Strategy:

Development of good SEO Strategy How to plan and implement a successful SEO Strategy that will deliver results

Set up your SEO Goals:

Set up your SEO Goals Start with setting up goals and objectives. Your goals should be SMART : Specific,  Measurable,  Attainable,  Realistic,  Timely   Ask yourself when setting up your goals: What is your SEO budget? What are your expectations? Increase in traffic? More Sales? Do you want to rank for specific keywords?  

Pick up the right organic modules:

Pick up the right organic modules Having the goals set up, put down into a document your plan. How many keywords you plan to target? Can you build a long tail keywords list by using variations? (like keyword + city) What modules will you use for link building to suit your monthly budget?  If you decide to build link wheels, can you afford link building for all its properties?  Does you SEO Plan fit together with your social media plan or ppc strategy?

Real Life Case Studies:

Real Life Case Studies Case Studies of implementation of all above modules

Web3 Campaign Case Study:

Web3 Campaign Case Study 3 weeks of dynamic organic campaigns with primary focus on social media:

Web3 after 4 weeks of SEO campaign:

Web3 after 4 weeks of SEO campaign We can see visits came from 34 countries!

Web3 Visitors from Ireland:

Web3 Visitors from Ireland We can see, that an average visitor from Ireland looked at 5.73 pages and spent over 14 minutes on the site! What it means? We generated highly targeted and very good quality traffic. Visitors show live interest in our website's content.

Web3 Traffic Sources:

Web3 Traffic Sources We can see the traffic is diversed, comes from 3 different sources. Search Engines traffic brings 28.12% and that's a lot, as I don't run any PPC campaigns.

Web3 Indexed Keywords:

Web3 Indexed Keywords Keywords that were delivering traffic after 2 weeks of link building: Two weeks later:         You can see the trend is growing!  And yet it is a small budget campaign.

Web3 Referring Sites:

Web3 Referring Sites Referring sites deliver up to 58% of all new visits. We can see Facebook's campaign works quite well (no ppc). We also get quite many visits from Stumbleupon. Remember, this Traffic is coming from 33 sources after just 4 weeks of social link building.

Questions? Feel free to ask Twitter: @radkot:

Questions? Feel free to ask Twitter: @radkot Thanks for watching!

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