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INTRODUCTION Physiotherapy is a medically recognized treatment which can help to overcome injuries and disease. It can help to promote and optimize the healing of muscular and skeletal injuries by identifying the cause, restoring normal pain free movement, and improving the body’s own natural healing mechanisms. Dr. Arun Choudhary (P.T.)


Our PHYSIOTHERAPY Services in the SSMA HOSPITAL JADAN In Physiotherapy we work very hard to provide an holistic approach to your rehabilitation, health and wellbeing. Our fully qualified Physiotherapists have knowledge and expertise in the body’s movement and can identify problems affecting normal movement, treatment plans are then made to correct dysfunctions and advise on the long term rehabilitation and management of a problem.

In Which Condition Physiotherapy Can Help:

In Which Condition Physiotherapy Can Help

Neural diseases:

Neural diseases Stroke Cerebral Palsy Neurological physiotherapy refers to the rehabilitation of people with neurological conditions with the aim to improve daily activities. Physiotherapy could also include maintenance treatment for people with progressive diseases.

Our Facilities:

Our Facilities ELECTROTHERAPY: IFT (Interferential Therapy) Ultra Sound SWD (Shortwave Diathermy) THERMOTHERAPY: IRR (Infra Red Radiation) Wax bath FITNESS and EXERCISES: Treadmill Quadriceps cycle Stepper Abdominal Exercises Traction Unit Swiss balls Twist and Shape machine Exercise Mats Weight tumbles Electro equipment Table Treatment bed/couches

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“Physiotherapy makes you healthy, fit and flexible.”

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“The Physiotherapy Team of SSMA Hospital is Always Ready to Help You”

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Dr. Arun Choudhary (P.T.) Ph:- 8233234177

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