Benefits of Oracle Cloud Migration


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Benefits of Oracle Cloud Migration Easy launch. You can be up and running with the applications you need very quickly and less expensively than with traditional on-premise applications. Flexibility for growth. You are planning on growth. Will your applications and IT infrastructure keep up With a Cloud-based system you can accommodate any rate of growth. Your capacity can be expanded more easily and cheaply. You do not have to add hardware and personnel to manage the upgrade and expansion process. Reduce TCO. Oracle Cloud allows you to lower capital expenditures and reduces the total cost of your infrastructure. You do not need to spend on performance tuning downtime scheduling or database maintenance. Collaborate. Oracle Cloud applications provide seamless connectivity and collaboration opportunities. User Expectations. The newest generation of users- and all users for that matter - want a smoother user interface and out-of-the-box functionality that facilitates a process. Cloud applications have the latest user interfaces that make the applications more user –friendly – driving increased adoption. Leading Practices. Oracle has built processes for Oracle Cloud applications based on customer feedback and leading industry practices with flexibility to accommodate your unique needs.

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Accessibility. Cloud applications can also be accessed via any browser enabled smartphone or tablet.You will have access to applications infrastructure platform processes and analytics that had previously only been available to the largest companies. RJT Solution Beacon has Cloud offerings for SaaS PaaS and IaaS scaled for startups to Fortune 500 enterprises. Leave the grunt work of your applications infrastructure and platform to the ones who do it best freeing your time for what you do best – building your business.

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