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Nachiket group is one of the best organic waste Composting Machine supplier and manufacturer in pune. It is the best Composting Machine and Organic Waste Composting Machine contractor in pune.


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Welcome to Nachiket:

Welcome to Nachiket Group Engineering An ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company /

About Us:

About Us Nachiket Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is born to provide simple solutions & technologies, under the leadership & vision of retired engineer Mr. Dilip Kulkarni from Indian Space Research Organization. The Solutions are designed to resolve environmental issues & save time, labour , energy, efforts & through application engineering & end to end solutions for sustainable development. We will identify such opportunities, where we can ease common man’s life and improve day today living. Nachiket Engineering is one of the best manufacturer and supplier of Organic Waste Converter, Organic Waste Composting Machine , Sanitary Napkin Incinerator, Waste Converter, Drum Composter, Composting Machine and Garden Shredder. A waste converter is basically used for recycling of solid and liquid rebuff material .

Our Products:

Our Products Automatic Organic Waste Converter Organic Waste Converter Automatic Drum Organic Waste Converter Automatic dewatering Composter Batch Type Organic Waste Converter Waste Squeezer Composting Machine Organic Waste Composting Machine Food Waste Converter Waste Converter Garden Shredder Sanitary Napkin Incinerator Drum Composter Green Waste Processor : / In the waste converter machine industry from the long time we manufacture and supply the organic waste composting machine from India. As a way to accommodate the variegated needs of our precious customers, we are providing a vast range of  Organic Waste Composting Machine . We’re focus on delivering the complete options in composting wet food waste from 25kgs to 25 metric tons per day making use of our thoroughly  fully automatic Organic Waste Converters . We manufacture and provide Food Waste Convertor, Garden Shredder, Sanitary Napkin Incinerator, Volute Press, Drum Composter, Green Waste Processer, Waste Convertor, tools, techniques and services required to take care of your organic waste. We customize these solutions as per customer requirements. We supply our machine to domestic as well as international customers. Organic Waste Composting Machine

Product Details:

Product Details Minimum Order Quantity Grade Capacity (Kg ) Type of Waste Brand Color Material 1 Unit Manual,Semi Automatic , Fully –Automatic 60 To 1200 kg Per Day Food waste disposer Nachiket As per you choose SS & MS /

Why We Are Best In Organic Waste Compost Machines? :

Why We Are Best In Organic Waste Compost Machines? Any type of food or natural waste which is biodegradable can also be transformed into soil amendment products like compost. Meals waste which is a big predicament to dispose off will get dealt with in our  organic waste composting machine  at door step itself. Our fully computerized natural Waste Compost laptop with inbuilt Shredder with a hundred% common 24 hours composting approach comes with Siemens automation, PLC and HMI. Built in shredder helps in decreasing the volume of the waste via eighty-90% to start with step. At that time this Shredded healthy material after feeding is changed into high quality organic Compost within 24 hours. Indigenous designed developed and manufactured with the aid of our proficient engineer’s group. Organic food waste fosters infectious diseases and attracts rodents, pests and insects leading to unhygienic living conditions. We are enables you to compost this food waste at source, means a cleaner environment for you and your family. /

Working Process of Organic Waste Compost Machines: :

Working Process of Organic Waste Compost Machines: The entire composting process is natural & biological. The decomposition is done by our special microbes / micro-organisms which thrive in high temperature as well as in high acidic or salty atmosphere. When Food Waste is put in, moisture in the waste is sensed & the tank is heated from below. Due to this the water present in the food is evaporated, and sent out to the atmosphere. As any food waste contains 75-80% moisture we achieve 75-80% volume reduction due to evaporation. Also, there is no smell of any sort. Thereafter, the microbes are activated due to high temperature & they decompose the remaining food. That’s how we achieve a volume reduction of 85-90% i.e. 100% waste to 10-15% of compost. There is no crushing or grinding taking place in the machine & hence no wear-and-tear which contributes to the long life span of our machine. The blades in the machine are only for stirring and mixing of waste. The compost that is formed as a result of the above process has to be removed once in a month, which can be used for the plants in the garden. Thus our team completes the ecological loop. /

What can be composted?:

What can be composted ? * Food Waste * Fish , Fish Bones * Meat , Meat Bones * Poultry , Poultry Bones * Vegetables , Fruits, Fruits & Vegetable Peels * Pasta , Rice, Bread * Pastry , Egg-Shells * Manure * Yard Waste Cattle, Horse, Dog, Yard Trimmings /

What should be avoided? :

What should be avoided? * Plastic * Metal Objects * Construction Waste * Textiles * Wood/Wooden Objects * Coconut-Shells * Large Bones /

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