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SERVICES By Engr. Syed Iftikhar Ahmad

What are services ? : 

What are services ? Services are the facilities for a building. Following are the common services for a residential and commercial building Water supply system Sanitary system Gas supply system Drainage system Electricity supply system Telephone facility Internet facility

Services Groups : 

Services Groups Services system consists of arrangement of pipes or wires with in or on to surface of the primary elements of building Services in a building can be broadly classify in to two groups Those which require pipes Those which require wires

Pipe services materials : 

Pipe services materials Pipe material can be of following types Lead Copper Stainless steel Mild steel Cast Iron (CI) (BS 78, BS 437 and BS 4622) Vitrified clay (BS 65) Concrete pitch fiber (BS 2760) Asbestos cement (AC) galvanized iron (GI) Plastic PVC (BS 3506 ,4660)

Wired service material : 

Wired service material wired material is know as conductor through which electricity can flow easily and the conductor covering material is called insulator Copper is the most common material for conductor PVC is the most suitable material as insulator

services required wired service : 

services required wired service Sr. no 5 to 6 requires wires.

Water supply system : 

Water supply system Cold water systemHot water system

Cold water system : 

Cold water system Cold water system provide water for the following purposes. Drinking purpose Cooking purpose Sanitary purpose Washing purpose Gardening

Types of Cold water system : 

Types of Cold water system Cold water system is of two types Direct system Indirect system Water is drawn from main service pie of WASA (water & sanitary Authority). Different valves are used like Stop valve (connect or isolate the W/S from main service) Drain cock (connect or isolate the inter W/S system of building

Direct system : 

Direct system In this system main service pipe pressure is considered as constant and in the system water is directly distributed in the building through smaller diameter Pipes but for hot water system water provide for storage by a rising main into a storage cistern OHR as show in fig lesser pipe lengths are required.

Direct System : 

Direct System

Indirect system : 

Indirect system In the system water is first feed to water cistern or OHR In this system water is distributed in the building by mean of pipes of different sizes. The size of pipes depend on the Quality of water Length of pipe Water pressure available more pipe lengths are required in this system. Air pocket must be avoided as they could lead to air lock water supply is controlled at various points by mean of valves or stopcocks like .. Ball valve ( To control the level of water in OHR Gate valve ( To isolate or shutoff supply to various parts of system) Reflux or no return valve (It is used to maintain one directional flow in pipes. Pillar taps (to provide user control)

Indirect system : 

Indirect system

Hot water system : 

Hot water system Hot water system provide hot water for Bathing Space heating Washing Source of heat in cither Boiler Electrical heat Geyser

Types of Hot water system : 

Types of Hot water system Hot water system is of two types Direct Indirect

Types of Hot water system : 

Types of Hot water system Direct system in this system hot water circulates b/w Boiler and OHR water rain off as required Indirect system in the system water circulates b/w boiler & storage but does not mixed with it. An expansion pipe is provided its allow discharge extra water in cold water cistern

Direct system : 

Direct system

Indirect system : 

Indirect system

Cold water system layout : 

Cold water system layout

Cold water system (Direct) : 

Cold water system (Direct)

Cold water system (Indirect) : 

Cold water system (Indirect)

Cold water cistern : 

Cold water cistern

Valves : 


Drainage system : 

Drainage system Drainage system is provided for Drainage water used for wash & sanitary purposes Rain water disposal In sanitary system different appliances are used like Soil appliances like water closets urinals & Bidet Waste appliances like wash basin & sink Soil appliances contains night soil Waste appliance contains waste water

Types of drainage systems : 

Types of drainage systems Combined system Totally separate system Partially separate system

Slide 26: 

Night soil & waste water is called Sewage. sewage pipe containing sewage is called drain when it is in the owner boundary. beyond thin it is connected with a large pipe provided by WASA (Water & Sanitation Authority) called Sewer.

Man Holes : 

Man Holes For inspection & clean in chambers are provided at Junctions Change in direction Change in grade When depth is up to 900 mm Inspection & cleaning chamber is called Man hole

Sanitary fitting & fixture : 

Sanitary fitting & fixture Sanitary fittings are provided for user to use the facility & fixture are provided with the fitting to make then in working condition Fitting Wash hand bars water closet Bidet Sinks Fixtures Traps Bends

Gas system : 

Gas system Gas system provides natural gas to gas appliances like Geysers Cooking ranges Gas burners Gas become highly explosive when mixed with air so gas system must be free from leakage Temperature change may lead to condensation in main pipe so a slight slope is provide to avid accumulation of water to block the pipe A gas meter & control cocks are provided.

Electrical system : 

Electrical system Electrical system is require for several purposes like Lighting Heating Electrical appliance

Types of Electrical system : 

Types of Electrical system Electrical supply system is of two type 240 volts system 110 volts system

Electrical system : 

Electrical system Electrical system is dived in a series of circuits like Light circuit Heating circuit Power circuit The whole system must be earth by connect the electrical system special conductor & passer into ground for high rise building a lightning conductor is provided Circuits are isolated by mean of fuse and switcher are provided to control the supply

Type of Electrical Wiring : 

Type of Electrical Wiring Electrical wiring is provided either on Wooden battens (old system) PVC pipes Metal tubes (conduit) PVC pipes & metal tube can either be provided on the surface or in groves made before plasters in residential buildings under ground system is common & esthetically good In industrial buildings metal tubes are provided on surface.

Telephone system : 

Telephone system It is a specialist services. Operated at a relatively low voltage Its wring should be separated from electrical supply system.

Flat Roof Drainage : 

Flat Roof Drainage

Sloppy Roof Drainage : 

Sloppy Roof Drainage

Surface water drainage : 

Surface water drainage

Inspection chamber : 

Inspection chamber

Inspection chamber : 

Inspection chamber

Drainage Systems : 

Drainage Systems

Valves & joints : 

Valves & joints

Pipe Joints : 

Pipe Joints

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