Earthwork Volume Calculation Methods

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Find here complete lessons of volume calculation (earthwork / takeoff) methods provided by Survey Drawing.


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Earthwork / Takeoff Methods:

Volume Calculation Methods Earthwork / Takeoff Methods

Volume Calculation :

Volume Calculation Volume Calculation that adopted to find earthwork quantities for various civil engineering projects like: Road Work Irrigation Canal project Tank Survey Earth Moving And etc.

Important Terms:

Important Terms Earthworks - created through the moving and/or processing of massive quantities of soil or unformed rock. Cutting - The process of excavating earth material from a work location to achieve the desired topography. Filling - the process of moving the excavated material or additional earth material to a work location to achieve the desired topography.

Applications of Earthwork:

Applications of Earthwork Typically, earthwork is done in the following projects: Road works Railways Irrigation project such as canals and dams Other common earthwork applications are land grading to reconfigure the topography of a site, or to stabilize slopes

Earthwork Calculation Methods :

Earthwork Calculation Methods There are four popular methods of earthwork calculation: Section method Average method Division by Square method Contour method

Data Preparation in Earthwork Projects:

Data Preparation in Earthwork Projects Preparing for Earthwork Calculation Finding the grid Levels Interpolating the Available Elevations at the Grid Points Weighted average Triangulation Read full article here:

Earthwork Volume Calculation:

Earthwork Volume Calculation Four different Volume calculation methods should be in practice Section Method Average method Division of Square method Contour Method

Section Method – Area Calculation:

Section Method – Area Calculation For calculating the volume, always two sets of surface data are required. Initial Level: Original Ground Level (OGL) (survey data) Final Level: Proposed/Designed Level (estimate) or Formation Level (survey data) Read full article here:

Section Method – Trapezoidal Rule:

Section Method – Trapezoidal Rule In trapezoidal method, each segment of the section is divided into various trapezoids and triangles. Trapezoidal Area A = 1/2 X a X (b1+b2) Triangle area A = a * b/2 Read full article here:

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