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General knowledge questions and answers are different from trivia. When questions are grouped in pairs of 3’s, the pair is known as trivia. This is only understood well by linguistics unlike the laymen. Usually, trivia questions are related to one another in terms of finding their answers. People keep on asking some questions which are in turn posted online for any person to seek and give answers. For instance, if you search for questions, there is a likelihood of getting weekly postings. I tried searching for the answers of the latest trivia questions and here are the answers; 1. You may want to know, what animal was paraded through the streets of Paris on Mardi Gras to remind people not to eat meat during Lent? The animal was the Ox. During this time, no one was allowed to eat any kind of meat. 2. People always ask, what animals did the Ricardo’s and Mertze’s attempt to rise for profit upon moving to Connecticut? It was the chickens and the duo really failed to raise them even after relocating to the rural area. 3. Do you want to know what snack food did a University of South Florida engineering professor spend six years studying the crunch of? The food was potato chips and it was not a smooth ride in the study. 4. Which country did 300,000 Chinese troops invaded in February of 1979? The answer is Vietnam and it really took quite some time before the troops conquered the country. 5. Many people ask, what European country was in an official state of emergency from 1933 until 1945? It was Germany and this arose from the appointment of Adolf Hitler as chancellor on January 30, 1933. As a result, it emerged mixed reactions on the basic civil rights from the then government. This government comprised of Nazis and German Nationalists which took a broad step of suspending al the rights for all Germany citizens. In 28 th February, 1933, a suspicious fire was seen in the German parliament which was later interpreted to signify a communist effort to overthrow the state. The fire also signified and proclaimed a state of emergency in a decree that suspended constitutional civil rights and further enabled Hitler to decree further legislation without seeking consultation from parliament. 6. What country did the United States invade in what George Will dubbed "an act of hemispheric hygiene" in 1989? The answer is Panama and it was an effort laid by the US military to protect the neutrality of the Panama Canal and US citizens in the country.

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7. Do you want to know the first name for margarine when it was first marketed in England? The answer is Butterine. The name later changed to Margarine in 1887. 8. Have you been asking what the name of Cheerios was when it was first marketed 50 years ago? Initially, it was named CheeriOats before changing to Cheerios in 1945. 9. What flavor of ice cream did Baskin-Robbins introduce to commemorate America's landing on the moon on July 20, 1969? Lunar Cheesecake is the name of that flavor. This website - provides general knowledge and trivia questions and answers feed,you can just visit here .

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