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When is April Fools day Though not a national holiday, April Fools’ Day is celebrated internationally by people of all walks of life. Many people tend to ask, when is April fool’s day ? It is celebrated on 1 st April and it is popularly known as All Fools’ Day. The origin of this day is not certain as there are various explanations as to how this day came into being. One of these popular explanations is about the new-year dates. In ancient times the New Year was celebrated during this day 1 st April. Later in the year 1582, a new calendar was then introduced by the Pope and it relocated the New Year to be celebrated on 1 st January. The calendar was adopted but some of the people were ignorant about this change and continued celebrating it as before. Another explanation is based on the finding of a certain professor who was based at Boston University by then. He explained that during the reign of a certain leader in the Roman Emperor known as Constantine, some fools and some wise men from the court argued that they could rule better than him. In attempt to ridicule them the leader decided to give them one day so that they can prove their claims by ruling the roman emperor. He gave one Jester known as Kugel to pass his ruling during that entire day. In an attempt to act back to this he passed a demand that the day should be marked with absurdity. The day is celebrated by both adults and children worldwide. The celebration is meant to play tricks on your friends and pranks despite the age group. The celebration should be source of entertainment but by no chance it should not harm the victim. One should weight the effect of any action he or she will be thinking of and it should be aimed at only creating humor. One of the popular ways to create humor during this day is secretly attaching some funny labels to our friends then shouting them out. These create embarrassment and humor to the victim which is the intention of this day. Another day to celebrate this is to print out some fake invitation cards to a party that does not exist to a particular place. Then waiting for them to gather after which you spread out a banner relaying the message happy April fool’s day which will create humor and harmless embarrassment. You can also decide to hide your friend’s documents in his or her computer by shifting the location and replacing the documents with a document passing the prank you’ve played on your friend.

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You can also decide to change you birthday on Facebook and wait for your friends to wish you their birthday wishes after you will burst them and the end of the day. You can also put peppered salt on your friend’s toothbrush in the morning of this celebration and watch as he or she uses it and shout out happy fool’s day. http://www.specificfeeds.com/april-fools-day-reminder - is a website that provides you to get notification on April Fools day on your Email.

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