Modern Agriculture in India

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Agriculture is the major occupation in India. For increasing the economy, modern techniques are introduced by using new farming equipment and technology. India is a way ahead in the production of agricultural products.


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INTRODUCTION India is known as the ‘Land of Agriculture’ which has many traditions and even a large variety of cultures. Approximately 75% of the Indian population are connected with agriculture and its related activities. India ranks first in the production of sugarcane and second in the production of rice in the world. Apart from these, many other cereals, tea, coffee etc. add to the agricultural output from India. Spices are also well known worldwide from the incredible India.

New Modern Agricultural Techniques:

New Modern Agricultural Techniques Modern India implements new techniques in agriculture to increase the quantity and quality of the yield. Many agricultural products are exported on large basis worldwide which add to the economy of India. New modern farm machinery and financial schemes are provided by the government to encourage agriculture in the rural areas of the nation.

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Agriculture has always been a major occupation of the population and hence it has a major contribution to the economy of the nation. The variety of soils have been a plus point which has made production of a variety of grains and spices possible.

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Even though India is considered as a less developing nation, it is a major exporter of various products which are not available in various parts of the globe. Basically, India is a step ahead in agricultural production which has served the globe since ages. Government is continuously aiding the poor farmers by providing finance and encouraging them through new schemes.



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