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Orland Parks Riviera Country Club and Sports Center offers swimming, tennis, fitness, exercise classes and more. Call us at 708-349-1100 today. For more details visit us @


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Health Club For Families & Individuals

Fitness on mind? Grab a membership to a Fitness Centre now!:

Fitness on mind? Grab a membership to a Fitness Centre now! Being fit is as important for your mind as for your body. Fitness is often underestimated. However, following a proper fitness schedule daily or weekly can do wonders to your health and well-being. So, what’s the wait for? Join a Fitness Centre now and stay in pink of health throughout your life.


Here’s how fitness can benefit your body and mind: Boosts your happiness index Exercise helps to improve your mood and help combat the feelings of anxiety and depression. Exercising increases the production of endorphins which are known to induce positive feelings. Help you lose weight Regular exercise can help enhance the metabolism rate of the body which eventually help burn more calories and thus reduce weight. Increase your energy levels Exercise can boost energy levels to a great extent. Exercising for at least one hour a day makes you feel active and energized, eventually improving the efficiency levels at work.


Reduces the risk of chronic diseases Chronic diseases such as Type2 Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases can be avoided with regular physical activity. Improve the sleep cycle Regular exercise aids in improving the sleep quality of an individual. A study shows, 150 minutes of exercise per week can improve sleep quality by 65 percent. Taking into account the benefits mentioned above, isn’t it worth spending some time in the Fitness Centre to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Many Health Centres provide a comfortable and conducive environment to help you achieve your fitness goals.


They also provide group exercise sessions for power yoga, meditation, Zumba and circuit training. When you feel a lack of enthusiasm, you have inspiration around to look forward to. Sports Centres also have a gym, swimming pools, tennis and basketball courts, boxing rooms to give a sporty edge to your fitness goals. You can also grab a bite of your favorite snack or savor a delectable yet healthy juice at the cafe after a strenuous work-out. At Riviera Sports , you have access to swimming pools, basketball courts, boxing room, and gym. Go ahead and get your membership at Riviera Sports and get started on your fitness regime.


Contact Us Today For A Free Initial Consultation Riviera Sports Center & Health Club Address : 8801 West 143rd Street, Orland Park, Illinois 60462 Telephone : 708-349-1100 Website:

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