Seven Wonders Of World

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In this PPT there are all wonders of world even ancient wonders of the world are also in this PPT


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SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD Made by-Shouraya Mishra

Taj mahal:

Taj mahal

About taj mahal:

About taj mahal The Taj Mahal (more often from Persian and Arabic ”Crown of places” pronounced also as “the Taj”)is a white marble mausoleum located in Agra,Uttar Pradesh,India. It was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his third wife, Mumtaz mahal. The taj mahal is widely recognised as”The jewel of muslim art in India and one of the universally admired masterpieces of the world’s heritage.”

Machu pikchu:

Machu pikchu

About machu pikchu:

About machu pikchu Machu Picchu  (in hispanicized spelling, Spanish pronunciation) or  Machu Pikchu  ( Quechua   machu  old, old person,  pikchu  peak; mountain or prominence with a broad base which ends in sharp peaks, "old peak", pronunciation) is a 15th-century  Inca  site located 2,430 metres (7,970 ft) above sea level. It is located in the  Cusco Region , Urubamba Province ,  Machupicchu District  in  Peru .  It is situated on a mountain ridge above the  Sacred Valley  which is 80 kilometres (50 mi) northwest of  Cusco  and through which the  Urubamba River  flows. Most  archaeologists  believe that Machu Picchu was built as an estate for the Inca emperor  Pachacuti  (1438–1472).



About petra,jordan:

About petra,jordan Petra  ( Arabic : Al-batra   Ancient Greek ) is a   historical  and  archaeological  city in the southern  Jordanian  governorate of Ma'an  that is famous for its  rock-cut architecture  and water conduit system. Another name for Petra is the Rose City due to the color of the stone out of which it is carved.

Christ redeemer:

Christ redeemer

About christ redeemer:

About christ redeemer Christ the Redeemer  ( Portuguese :  Cristo Redentor ) is an  Art Deco  statue of  Jesus Christ  in  Rio de Janeiro , Brazil, created by French sculptor Paul Landowski and built by the Brazilian engineer Heitor da Silva Costa, in collaboration with the French engineer Albert Caquot. It is 30 metres (98 ft) tall, not including its 8-metre (26 ft)  pedestal , and its arms stretch 28 metres (92 ft) wide. [1]


colosseum Outside(colosseum) Gladiator(colosseum)

About colosseum(outside):

About colosseum(outside) The  Colosseum  or  Coliseum , also known as the  Flavian Amphitheatre  (Latin:  Amphitheatrum Flavium ; Italian:  Anfiteatro Flavio  or Colosseo ) is an elliptical  amphitheatre  in the centre of the city of  Rome ,  Italy . Built of  concrete  and stone,it was the largest amphitheatre of the  Roman Empire , and is considered one of the greatest works of  Roman architecture  and  engineering . It is the largest amphitheatre in the world.

About colosseum(gladiator):

About colosseum(gladiator) Gladiators ( gladiator is a place where people of Rome come to fight ,they have to fight with tigers,lions and the best fighters of world ) are situated in colosseumes , judges sits to see the fights, and if someone loses, they have to die. Many people come to see the fight ,if participants wins three rounds but loses one round so they also have to die.

Chichen itza:

Chichen itza

About chichen itza:

About chichen itza Chichen Itza was a major focal point in the Northern Maya Lowlands from the  Late Classic  (c. AD 600–900) through the Terminal Classic  (c. AD 800–900) and into the early portion of the  Postclassic  period (c. AD 900–1200). The site exhibits a multitude of  architectural  styles, reminiscent of styles seen in central Mexico and of the  Puuc  and Chenes styles of the Northern Maya lowlands. The presence of central Mexican styles was once thought to have been representative of direct migration or even conquest from central Mexico, but most contemporary interpretations view the presence of these non-Maya styles more as the result of  cultural diffusion .

great wall of china:

great wall of china

About great wall china :

About great wall china The  Great Wall of China  is a series of  fortifications  made of stone, brick,  tamped earth , wood, and other materials, generally built along an east-to-west line across the historical northern borders of  China  in part to protect the Chinese Empire or its prototypical states against intrusions by various nomadic groups or military incursions by various warlike peoples or forces. Several walls were being built as early as the 7th century BC; [3]  these, later joined together and made bigger and stronger, are now collectively referred to as the Great Wall. Especially famous is the wall built between 220–206 BC by the first  Emperor of China ,  Qin Shi Huang . Little of that wall remains. Since then, the Great Wall has on and off been rebuilt, maintained, and enhanced; the majority of the existing wall is from the  Ming Dynasty .

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Ancient wonders of earth





Angkor wat temple:

Angkor wat temple

Statues of easter island:

Statues of easter island

Eiffel tower:

Eiffel tower

Hagia sofia:

Hagia sofia

Kiyomizu temple:

Kiyomizu temple



Neuschwanstien castle:

Neuschwanstien castle

Pyramids of Giza:

Pyramids of Giza

Statue of liberty:

Statue of liberty

Sydney opera house:

Sydney opera house





The statue of zeus :

The statue of zeus

Hanging gardens of babylon:

Hanging gardens of babylon

The temple of artimis:

The temple of artimis

The mausoleum:

The mausoleum

the colosseus of rhodes:

the colosseus of rhodes

The lighthouse of alexandria:

The lighthouse of alexandria

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